Just Married: 4 Amazing Off-the-Grid Honeymoon Destinations

You’ve fallen in love with your partner and married them, but that’s not the end. Picture yourselves bonding deeper in one of four remote honeymoon locations.

The honeymoon is the place where spouses focus and reconnect on deeper levels. They learn about one another, grow into each other’s company, and fall deeper in love. If you’ve ever dreamed of going somewhere other than typical popular honeymoon destinations, check out these four amazing yet unique off-the-grid locations.

Hiking in Suncadia, WA

The perfect getaway is no longer a beach; instead, it’s the adrenaline-pumping, serene journey to the top of the Cascade mountains. Beneath this picturesque mountainscape and between the points of tallgrass lies the Suncadia Resort. This resort’s a perfect getaway for the adventurous couple.

The Suncadia resort has a 1,000-step concrete trail that marks the start of the first steps toward a blissful marriage. The course begins at the lodge and ends at the Cle Elum River. From there, you can soak in the mountainous views and listen to the ripples of the water as it hits the shorelines.

Camino de Santiago in Europe

The Camino de Santiago is a faith-based trail any couple can take to discover destinations and grow closer together. Mostly associated with the Christian faith, this trail’s packed with compelling history, with many paths leading to beautiful destinations requiring biking and walking.

The Camino de Santiago is pretty much backpacking, but you follow markers to get from one destination to the next on foot (or by car, the car is fine!). Along the routes, you’ll learn the history and heritage each one has to offer. There are multiple trails to pick from, and you don’t need to be religious to take one of these trails with your honey.

Safari in Rwanda

A safari’s a perfect getaway choice for honeymooners looking to escape the fast-paced world. Among other African countries, Rwanda is one of the best getaways for off-grid honeymooning. Rwanda’s home to many of the world’s most beautiful landscaping, including the breathtaking Akagera National Park, with its luscious green fields stretching for miles and plenty of wildlife to see.

The safari in Rwanda’s perfect for off-grid honeymooning, and with so much to do, it helps evade the dreadful photo dumping during your trip. It’s a beautiful place to return with your partner if you want a way to continue celebrating marriage after the initial honeymoon.

Cabin in the Woods in Door County, WI

No matter where you go, the woods always feel like home. Soak in the greatness of nature in Door County, WI. While you’re not too far away from the next town, many places in town have cabins to rent. Before renting, check if the cabin has power; if it doesn’t, you may need a solar panel if one’s not already provided. Having a portable solar panel offers many benefits, including eco-friendliness.

To all the just-married couples out there: you can go anywhere you’d like, but if you want to feel more connected with your partner, try out these four amazing off-the-grid honeymoon destinations. You’ll fall in love with the location’s beauty and your partner, and the two of you will have another place to take a second honeymoon.

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