Keep Your Locks Perfect Throughout The Big Day

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Your wedding day is a tough day for your hair.

The day begins with a wash, blow-dry, and intense styling– potentially the most intense styling you’ve ever done. Many brides choose to add tiaras or hair ornaments too, placing even more stress on your tresses. Your hair then heads out to get married, then to the reception, and — most probably — a party that continues well into the night. It’s a pretty exhausting day, all things considered, and one made all the more complicated by the necessity to look as good as possible in photographs.

As a prospective bride, you’re going to want your hair to be able to keep pace with your energy and enthusiasm throughout the day. Below are a few tips for persuading your locks to look good from start to finish of the biggest day of your life.

#1 – If Your Hair Needs Help, Provide It

Sadly, not all of us are blessed with long, luscious locks that have natural volume and wouldn’t dream of frizzing. It’s important to acknowledge if your hair might need a little extra help.

If you lack for natural volume, tape in hair extensions will give your hair the boost it needs to stay bouncy all day (and night) long. If your hair is prone to frizzing, a deep conditioning treatment will always be beneficial, performed as close to the wedding as possible. If you struggle to tame curly hair, then you might need extra-hold hairspray to ensure you make it through the day looking chic and sophisticated.

#2 – Use Texturizing Spray

The vast majority of brides will wash their hair the morning of their wedding, which makes sense; no one wants to say “I do” with day-old hair. However, hair is at its most difficult to style when it’s freshly washed, which means you may experience difficulties with keeping a style or curl in place. A texturizing spray will help this issue; spray liberally from the ear down, and then attempt to assemble your hairstyle.

#3 – Try Not To Touch Your Hair

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The one thing guaranteed to make your hair go limp and greasy early in the day is touching it too often. Try and avoid this habit, especially if you’re wearing your hair down. If you do feel the need to run a brush through, then ensure the brush is clean, and spray a little dry shampoo onto your hair before brushing. This should help keep your hair looking fresh all day long.

#4 – Dry Shampoo Is Your Hair’s Best Friend

Talking of dry shampoo, this product is an essential for your wedding day bag. Invest in a good dry shampoo that doesn’t leave telltale white residue or make your hair feel limp; there are a few helpful suggestions here.

In Conclusion

By following the advice above, you can be confident that you hair will be able to keep pace with you throughout your busy wedding day. Have a wonderful day.

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