Keeping relationships alive during the lockdown

In addition to health concerns and economic consequences, the corona crisis is also an excellent test for your relationship. Fortunately, you have influence on a good outcome. We have listed the best relationship tips for couples who sit together at home.

A general, but important tip to start with: don’t complain about small and irrelevant things, but instead stay positive and help others who are worried. Of course you sometimes have a bad day, but make something of it and stay positive during your quarantine.

Make sure you have enough me-time

Consciously at the top of this list of relationship tips: take time for yourself and make sure you are not constantly together. Take a walk or walk alone, without the occasional break behind the computer, just watch a movie in the bedroom, and so on. Both you and your partner need this. Plan these kinds of moments and you will notice that the time you consciously spend together is much more fun.

Stay fresh and surprise your partner

A major annoyance during quarantine is looking at an unwashed head all day. Just like normal, take a shower every morning. Put those sweatpants aside and keep dressing well. Don’t work all day in those gray sweatpants and hoodie, but dress stylishly during the day. In fact, a period of home isolation is the perfect opportunity to experiment with clothes. That eccentric blouse that you don’t dare to go to work, those wide pants that may be a bit too trendy for the workplace or that tie that you normally wear! Surprise your partner every morning with a unique outfit.

Talk about your sex life

It can be a bit uncomfortable if you never do this, but talk about your sex life together on And don’t do that during sex, but outside the bedroom. Talking about sex connects, creates more understanding and you learn what the other person likes and dislikes. No matter how well you know each other, you cannot read each other’s thoughts.

Schedule massages

A massage is not only nice because you work all day at home in that non-ergonomic chair, a little affection in its time is not an unnecessary luxury. During the quarantine, schedule a moment every week that you massage each other. Isle of Wight sex will benefit your sex life and relationship.

Shower together

If going between the sheets is not enough, just hop together in the shower. Turn each other on. Sex in your relationship is important, but jumping between the sheets regularly is easier said than done. Plan it if necessary, even if it sounds businesslike, guaranteed success.

Cook together

Cooking together not only prevents frustrations in your relationship, but is also a lot of fun. You are busy creating something together, without being distracted by your phone or anything. Make this a daily ritual, so that every night feels like a date.

Stay in touch with your friends

Fortunately, there is technology that allows you to keep in touch with your friends. Organize a video chat or whatever with them at least once a week. Your own relationship is better if you also maintain your other relationships.

Try a relationship test

It never hurts assessing the strength of your relationship by trying some relationship test to know the strength of your relationship.

The relationship test will help you assess the safety and strength of your relationship.

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