Keeping Your Fiancé Engaged


I think that for a lot of men, getting engaged and planning a wedding can seem all about the woman. It is our day after all, and we don’t hesitate to remind him of that at every opportunity we get. But is that really the way we should start a partnership, with it being all about us? Instead, why not help keep your financed engaged in the whole process by reading the tips below and make it about the two of you together.

Help him with the ring

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So, traditionally all the pressure is on the guy to pick the perfect ring with which to surprise us. Not only is this stressful for him, but it can also be pretty expensive too. So to start as you mean to go on, why not share the burden of this stage by choosing the ring together?

This work especially well because both you and he can be sure that you are getting the ring that you want. In fact, you can even design one together like the ones available at An activity that is the perfect way to start your shared life.

Change your terminology

Another way of keeping your other half engaged in the wedding planning progress is to change the language that you use. That means swapping out all the “I’s” for “We’s.” Something you can read a bit more about at

This might take a bit of getting used to, but it’s actually a great practice in adjusting your perspective to include the other person. A value aspect of any marriage.

Value his input

It can be very easy for the bride to take over the wedding celebrations. After all, it’s a party with a big dress, and as a bride we want it to be right. But being too in control of the day can make your other half feel left out and sidelined. That is why it’s really important that you include his input and opinion as well.

This is not only because he will want to have fun on the day as much as you. But you also need to a practice comprising and communicating on things together in preparation for your marriage.

Make this personalized for him

Another great way of keeping your other half engaged in the wedding process is to highlight particular areas that he can organize or personalize to reflect his tastes.

In particular, things like the groomsmen’s suits, and the groom’s cake are good ways of putting this into practice.

The tradition is that you pick a novelty cake that reflects the groom’s interests and hobbies. This could be one that is cleverly shaped into a computer games console. Or a traditional tiered cake with fondant topper depicting things like fishing, rock climbing or NASCAR.

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Also, you may just be surprised at all the other stuff your other half has an opinion on. So don’t forget to listen to his opinion on a traditionally ‘girly’ subject like flowers, wedding colors, and gifts for the wedding party. As he may be a bit more insightful that you think.

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