Keys to Choosing The Right Metal For Your Wedding Ring


A wedding unites two people in marriage. Wedding is the most important day in a bride’s as well as groom’s life. Every single thing about this day is supposed to be memorable. The wedding rings are one of the most important and memorable parts of this day. Finding the correct metal for your wedding rings is as important as the diamond or gemstone that it will hold. While previously it used to be a simple choice between gold and silver or yellow and white gold, now there’s a whole wide range of possibilities to be considered.

What’s your better half’s style?

Before deciding which ring you want to gift your better half, there are quite a few things to be considered. First thing you would want to know is your better half’s preference in metals. That is to say whether he or she likes rose gold or yellow gold or just plain titanium metal.

Choosing the right metal:

Before you finally purchase the ring, it is important to know and understand the difference between the different types of precious metals available in the market. There are platinum wedding rings, gold wedding rings, titanium wedding rings and more to choose from.

Here are more tips which might help you in choosing the right metal for your wedding ring:

Notice your fiancée’s style. This will help you find the right metal that will complement that style. Focusing on his or her style will help you notice the type of metal they generally wear. If they wear jewellery with silver tone, then platinum wedding ring is the answer. Apart from platinum, there is also white gold that you can consider as the metal for the ring. If they are attracted towards warmer colours, then gold wedding ring it is. Even gold has its own variations these days. There are white gold, rose gold and yellow gold to choose from. If they have a nose for mixed metals, then white gold will be a good choice as it will complement jewelleries of other metals also.

These days, platinum wedding rings are a popular choice. Platinum being a rare metal is a good choice for wedding rings. Moreover, it is a durable metal which makes it a perfect choice for your better half if they lead an active lifestyle. Many people are allergic to various metals. Platinum being a hypo-allergic metal is a good choice for people with sensitive skin. Your wedding ring can also have gold as the metal. Gold is a precious metal and it can be mixed with copper and zinc. Gold comes in three main colours namely yellow, white and rose gold. You can choose yellow gold, rose gold or white gold for your fiancée, depending on his or her sense of style.

Silver can also be selected as metals for your wedding rings. Silver wedding rings are as popular as platinum wedding rings and gold wedding rings. Silver being a soft metal, is mixed with other metals to improve its durability. Sterling silver is the most commonly used silver wedding band metal. Titanium and palladium are also white metals which are similar to platinum and are used voraciously as wedding band metals.

Once you have understood the difference between various metals, it’s time to choose the perfect setting (of course, the one which you think would be the best for your bride or groom). With this being done, it’s time to get everything together for the special day.

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