Less Is More: Best Wedding Outfits For A Minimalistic Bride

minimalist design

The last couple of years, minimalism has been dominant in the sphere of the design world. The wedding industry has been encouraging this style to many brides, and many of them eagerly embraced the outfit without shiny gemstones, complex lace decorations, and numerous pearls. This is a style that many different types of people can enjoy, especially the brides who prefer neutral shades, clean cuts, and modern approach, but also the brides who don’t want to overcomplicate things and just want to be comfortable and relaxed.

Why minimalist dresses?

Let’s just review why you should seriously consider opting for a minimalist wedding dress:

– a simple silhouette of the dress and the straight cut will accent an attractive figure

– simple embellishments are many times more astonishing than elaborate decorations – the beauty is in the details

– the simple design will allow the key features to be emphasized in a graceful fashion

– it is a perfect choice for a confident woman who believes simplicity is elegance

– the natural shape these dresses have is actually an updated version of a traditional wedding dress.

minimalist design

All the minimalist possibilities

  1. Sleeveless maxi dress

What is timeless about this dress is its modest cut and neckline. It can be easily a part of styles 5 or 15 years ago – it is universal. And it will definitely be chic in the future years. What is more classic than a plain white maxi dress without sleeves?

  1. A-line dress

A-line is a symbol of femininity. Yes, it feels a bit retro, but its vintage style works great as a part of the minimalist design for wedding dresses. If you want to look fun and modest at the same time – this dress should be your choice.

  1. Asymmetrical dress

Contrary to what some people may think, minimalist design isn’t boring and bland at all. It’s about removing the excess decorations, so the important details could shine. Asymmetrical dresses are about the details, but the approach is a bit edgier. The style is simple, but the statement is obvious. It’s different than the usual dress; it’s a really one-of-a-kind dress for one-of-a-kind bride. Whether it’s the upper asymmetrical cut or the lower one, it won’t be dull at all.

  1. Flutter sleeve maxi dress

If you like the minimalistic style, but would also love to have a bohemian vibe, a flutter sleeve maxi dress is a way to go. This type of dress usually has just the details around the waist as decoration – they shape the dress, helping it to gracefully shift to maxi bottom. So, the details are not there to decorate the dress but to complete it. As an additional bonus, this airy dress could easily be paired with casual shoes like Palmaira sandals and worn throughout the summer at the beach.

  1. Halter top maxi dress

This dress will match perfectly with a casual wedding, which is becoming increasingly popular year after year. It paints a cheerful celebration, free of dull ceremonies. If you are a bride that enjoys simple but sweet events, this is a dress for you. Like most of the dresses presented here, it can also be worn on many occasions afterward.

Final comment

Modern minimalistic weddings are being organized more and more. A minimalistic wedding dress is a part of the whole idea. It is a clean style that suits brides who are not concerned with complex and luxurious events but enjoy the classic style that is always modern and elegant. If you feel this style would suit you, don’t be afraid to experiment a little – even if it’s the minimalistic design, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be original.

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