L’LUOR Magazine Launches Bridal Lingerie Collection Online

Brides who want to kick off their honeymoon in style can now easily find unique bridal lingerie online at L’LUOR Magazine’s, L’LUOR with Love collection.

The website features a seductive collection of intimate apparel manufactured by luxury garment manufacturers in Europe, designed to turn up the heat during the honeymoon and to leave a lasting impression for a lifetime. From sultry bras and chemise to provocative lace bikinis and thongs, brides are sure to find something that will fit, ever so fabulously and appeal to their senses as well as the groom. The collection also includes bridal stilettos in a range of sizes.

L’LUOR Magazine was founded by Amun-Ra Amani and stemmed from an innate desire, to motivate human consciousness, towards a divine feminine reality. When asked about the decision to launch a bridal lingerie collection, he said: “Our philosophy at L’LUOR is to empower women to love themselves. We encourage the female to explore and express her feminine gift. We advocate self-love of the female body. Our unique bridal lingerie collection is an extension of our vision for women to embrace their strength and sensuality.”

The L’LUOR bridal lingerie collection is available, with prices starting from as low as $25. For further information or to purchase bridal lingerie online that’s as lovely as the wedding dress, visit: http://lluorwithlove.com/bridal.


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