Look and feel more confident with shapewear

Let everything go or a streamlined body? Those who choose the latter do not necessarily have to work up a sweat at the gym. Corrective underwear or shapewear is gaining popularity.

A good friend in her forties has been able to handle the world better lately. Her secret? No expensive therapy or effective self-help book, but the best shapewear for tummy. The avid dress wearer doesn’t leave home without it these days. Shapewear conceals the tummy that has lost its firmness over the years, and according to her it feels like a nice kind of armor that makes her feel stronger, literally and figuratively. “Compare it to a pair of sturdy shoes,” she says. “It also allows you to walk around more confidently than on wobbly ones.”

That same friend doesn’t bother about it at all, by the way. When she gets a compliment about her still tight figure, she invariably mentions her wonder underwear. “I’m not at all ashamed of it.”

It turns out she’s not the only one. According to various sources in the lingerie industry, making an excuse about intensive gym visits is almost passé these days. For the past two years, shapewear — as the industry prefers to call corrective underwear, has been accepted at lightning speed. Post-surgery shapewear like the 360 lipo foam board has also become increasingly  popular.

Shapewear is no longer a product for special occasions previously, it was bought for a wedding or gala, but that is changing. Appearance is becoming increasingly important; more women also want to look optimal in everyday life. It is just like the layer of foundation on your face: the base must be be good. So preferably no lumps and lobes, or ugly underwear edges that show.

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