Looking Flawless: 4 Tips for Finding the Best Bridal Shoes

bridal shoes

Buying the right pair of shoes is an exciting part of planning your wedding attire. Keep the process simple with these tips for finding the best bridal shoes.

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time. When it comes to bridal attire, you have to consider your dress, hair, makeup, and what accessories you may add. While some brides prefer wearing a piece of jewelry, others opt for shoes as a statement piece! Before you begin shopping, jot down these essential tips for finding the best bridal shoes.

Set a Budget

Establish a budget before you start shopping or browsing, as this prevents you from falling in love with a pair of shoes you can’t afford. A budget also helps you narrow your scope since you have countless options for finding the perfect pair of bridal shoes.


After setting a budget, you’ll have to continue weeding out the types of shoes you don’t want to make your search easier. Keep the process simple by considering:

  • If you want the shoes to make a statement.
  • What style do you plan on buying?
  • The type of shoe you like best.

While many brides enjoy wearing high heels, others prefer sneakers or Western boots. What you wear depends on what you consider ideal.

bridal shoes

Consider the Venue

As you note the four tips for finding the best bridal shoes, you should also take time to think about your venue since some shoe types work better than others. For example, pumps may be a better heel choice for an outdoor wedding than stilettos; likewise, a beach or barn wedding may require different footwear.

Plenty of brides love sporting a cute pair of cowgirl boots when they tie the knot. If you’re among these brides and worried that plain western boots won’t cut it, look at embroidered boots!

Consider Your Dress

Ideally, the perfect shoes compliment a beautiful gown, and while many in the industry recommend purchasing the dress before your shoes, this isn’t always possible. If you fall in love with a pair before finding your gown, bring the shoes to the shop as you try on dresses.

Strive for Comfort

While style is important, comfort is key, so start shopping early to ensure you float down the aisle on your special day. Most brides also advise keeping a backup pair readily available for your wedding in case you break a heel or want to swap out the shoes you wear for the ceremony.

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