Love under lockdown: how to keep your relationship exciting

Your relationship is good. You like to be together and at the same time enjoy the freedom to live your own life. But suddenly you can no longer just leave the house, now that the whole world is advised to stay inside as much as possible. Love is buzzing more than ever, but also boredom strikes.

It is not surprising that a different dynamic arises now that structure is lost. “How was your day?” Is not a suitable question if you spend the whole day indoors. One that reminds you that you liked those little things together. How do you ensure that your relationship does not get locked in this lockdown? Such a crisis demands a lot from your relationship, which is step out of the quarantine bubble as a couple more powerful than ever: enrich your sex life.

Time to get closer together

You can experiment in several areas. The area for that is the bedroom – or whatever your favorite spot is. The times of “I had a hard day at work” or morning quickies are over. You take appropriate distance from the outside world, but together you come closer. It helps against boredom, stimulates the hormone balance and gives you a lot of new conversation material. Intimacy reduces stress and anxiety. So take a shower and put on something other than your pyjamas, turn off the television, light some candles, and put on some romantic tunes. Start a real conversation with your partner and explain why you fell for your partner. What do you like and what turns you on.

Try new positions

The classic missionary might not excite you anymore during lockdown. So start experimenting together. Why not try some different positions? Read the Kamasutra visit and try something new instead of always being on “autopilot”. Your sex life will get a new dynamic and it will improve your relationship with your partner.

Occasionally find a separate room

Believe it or not, even quarantining a bit of me-time won’t hurt. If you are together all the time, frustrations may take the upper hand. So read a good book in bed or spend some time in separate rooms. It’s okay. Everyone needs some space for themselves. Time to reflect and charge your batteries. Discuss what each person needs and how you can support each other in this. Make agreements when and how you give each other this space. If you live together in a very small house, this can be a challenge, but there are always solutions to give each other space.

Kinky or fetish

If one of you have a kinky side now is the time to show it. Or at least discuss the option. Don’t be ashamed and share your Nottingham sex fantasies with your partner. First, because you are together and love each other, second, because kinky or fetish is more common than you think.

Try some new toys

The sex toy industry is experiencing a real rebirth, and you can play together on a different level. Start with a gentle vibrator to give your hands a rest, or work with a dildo if your stamina is not great. There are many versatile toys that you might never tried before.

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