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As joyous as weddings are – being there to witness and celebrate someone’s love and union is truly a thing of magic – they’re also just a tiny bit stressful. Sometimes you’ll stress over whether you got the couple the perfect wedding gift, but most often than not the anxiety is attire-related. What is the appropriate thing to wear, you don’t want your outfit to clash with that of others, you also don’t want it to be inappropriate, upstaging, and yet you still want to look phenomenal. The fact that you know it’s going to be a luxurious, upscale event puts added pressure. Well, fear not, we’re here to give you all the inspiration you need, so put those worries away and let the fabulous looks wash over you.

Modest with a twist

Photo by Lauren Roberts on Unsplash

When you want that perfect combination between not upstaging the bride, not wearing something too revealing but still wanting to look incredibly glamorous, the perfect solution is to be found in something that’s modest in design but wow in terms of fabric. Something along the lines of the Burberry lamé pleated dress fits the bill perfectly. The color is gorgeous and simply rich, and the length allows you to play in the shoe department – you can go for patent leather pumps in a slim heel, pointed toe T-strap heels or even stripy sandals. As long as you keep them in a neutral hue as to not overwhelm the dress, you are golden – well, deep violet, but that’s even better. Bonus: match the color of the clutch to the color of the shoes. Let the dress have its moment.

A different kind of elegant



Most people wouldn’t consider something of this sort for a luxurious wedding, but little do they know that women often opt for amazing kaftans in the UK for this specific purpose. The kaftan is modest, yet playful, interesting and allows for plenty of movement. On top of that, with the right print and color, you can create an incredibly expensive-looking outfit. If Hillary Clinton can wear a kaftan to a wedding, so can you. As long as it’s made using only high-quality fabrics, you will turn heads and be the talk of the night – for all the right reasons. This carefree polished look calls for a relaxed low bun or an elegant blowout, minimal natural makeup and pumps. You can bring additional pizzazz to your look with metallic shoes – as long as the color matches one of the hues on your kaftan.

The one to beat


We can’t rejoice enough that the return of the power suit was followed by a ‘variation’ on the topic – the tuxedo dress. The fine tailoring, wide-shoulders, the slightly sturdy fabric that exudes not only elegance but a level of conservativeness desired at this type of event make the tuxedo dress one of the unbeatable luxury wedding options. While it’s still considered bad manners to wear white to a wedding, there are numerous other color options to turn to, but staying in the neutral color lane is the most flattering option. Make sure the length of the dress is appropriate, and with a dress as simple as this, you have the freedom to go with the most extravagant shoes there are. Don’t be afraid of color in the shoe department – you’ll need something to make the dress pop even more. And yes, red lips will totally seal the deal.

The classic


The one thing that will never fail you at a black tie luxury wedding is the ball gown. Traditionally, they are actually mandatory for white and black tie weddings, but with so many incredible designs, the rules have bent. However, a gown of this variety remains the impeccable choice, and as they’re back in style there are more gorgeous options to choose from than ever before. You can go with tulle sleeves or opt for a sleeveless gown, and the best part is, you can choose whichever color makes you pop. It can be single-color, embellished, floral – you won’t make a mistake either way, so just follow your style personality. The rule that applies to footwear – keep it simple, as the dress is voluminous and glorious enough. A bit of ice on the décolletage is always an elevating factor, but if the dress is already gem-encrusted, you have no need for additional jewels.


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