Luxury New York Wedding Organization Essentials

New York wedding

The most inspiring weddings incorporate a combination of modern luxury and a sophisticated interpretation of romance and where better to execute such an elegant event than New York? Discerning couples who aspire to create a refined wedding will find that a blend of essential details and unique personal touches will take their wedding to a whole new level of elegance. To get you started, here are some important, but often overlooked details you’ll want to secure for your luxurious big day.

Outstanding service

New York wedding

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In order to set the right tone for a luxurious celebration, start by choosing a venue that is known for personalized and instinctive service. The overall service level of the venue is crucial for creating a sophisticated and flawless experience. When looking for a venue, always inquire about staff ratios, so that your guests don’t encounter any hiccups, such as unnecessary long lines. Proximity to upscale vendors is also of great importance for a luxurious wedding – try to find a location that offers exclusive access to high-end vendors, restaurants and spas for your wedding day and the events before and after. A dedicated wedding specialist, who should be the only point of contact, is essential to ensuring that all of the wedding details come together effortlessly, and they can also be a great resource for finding and securing preferred vendors.

Custom cuisine

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In order to elevate your event and create a memorable experience for your guests, try to customize every single detail, right down to the food and drinks. For example, take a popular signature cocktail to the next level with enhanced ingredients, such as herbs, cordials and foreign liquors. To further refine the dining experience, construct a custom menu. A cocktail hour with petite Beef Wellingtons and bacon wrapped scallops, for instance, is guaranteed to linger in the mind and please the palates of your guests. If you choose to have your venue prepare the food, set some time aside for a private tasting and make sure you have the option of customizing their usual offer. However, if you want your menu and your drinks to be completely personalized and unique, the best idea might be to hire the services of one of many exceptional catering companies in NYC.

Sophisticated décor

Once you’ve selected a refined venue and crafted the culinary portion of your event, the next thing to consider is the decoration. Don’t be intimidated by a large ballroom – a blank canvas can be a great place to start crafting your luxury occasion, especially when paired with the expertise and intuition of a New York wedding planner. If you strive for classic elegance, the best idea might be to opt for clean, simple lines and a neutral color palette, combined with hints of silver or gold shades that perfectly embody the feeling of tasteful simplicity. Pay attention to small details, as well, as they can truly add that finishing touch of glamour to your décor. Opt for sophisticated porcelain dinner plates and pair them with timeless silverware and classic crystal stemware, and don’t forget to add a pop of color to your table décor with some beautiful flower arrangements.

Professional photographs

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The best way to commemorate this sophisticated occasion is by hiring a professional photographer you love, who is capable of capturing those special moments in the perfect manner. One of the best benefits of getting married in New York is the fact that you have the whole city as your backdrop. From the steps of historical museums to the beautiful Conservatory Gardens at the north end of Central Park, there are countless wonderful options to choose from. So, make sure to schedule time for portraits before or after the ceremony and take advantage of the delightful NYC sceneries.

Deluxe accommodation

One final consideration to keep in mind is the overnight accommodation for the couple and the guests. Choose a venue where everyone can rest well, refresh and renew after the celebration. Look for thoughtfully appointed guest rooms and an atmosphere that exceeds guests’ expectations and complements the luxurious feel of your New York wedding.

With a bit of thoughtful planning, the attentive eye of a helpful wedding specialist, passionate vendors and a few personal details, you can truly elevate your wedding to become a luxurious, inspiring and memorable occasion.

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