Magical Wedding in Marrakesh


If you want your wedding to be an adventure that’s filled with intensely beautiful sights, delicious scents, and enchanting architecture, Marrakesh is exactly the place to be. Known as the 21st district of Paris, this magical city embraces both romance and exotic imagery that will make the ceremony feel entirely unique and unforgettable. If you’ve been planning to fly you and your guests to this marvel of a place, then stick around because we’ve got a few tips that’ll help you plan all the details.

Pick the venue


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From the Mamounia hotel to The Palais Namaskar, the city is full of venues and it’s very difficult to even find one that isn’t spectacularly beautiful. The Royal Mansour is probably the most opulent one – it will blow everyone away with its outstanding service and gorgeous architecture. There are four bars, an art gallery, three restaurants, and a divine hammam spa, and this palace-like venue was commissioned by King Mohammed IV himself, so it truly meets the royal expectations. Another great option is Palais Rhoul because it provides fabulous gardens, and wonderful exterior architecture coupled with luxurious interior décor. It’s excellent both for summer and winter weddings, and it’s one of the best choices for a couple that wants to have a completely magical backdrop to their ceremony.

Embrace the French and Arabic blend


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That’s what’s so unique about Marrakesh – it’s a blend of different cultures and you can definitely find yourself a nice mix of both traditional and modern. Even the Moroccan dialect is said to be a blend of Arabic, French, Berber, and Spanish, and most people are well-versed in English. There are French-styled cafes like Café France, along with a ton of restaurants and bars. Your wedding can incorporate different cultures, especially if you’re a nomad at heart and live to travel and go on adventures.

Wear an unconventional outfit

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Are you a fashionista that can’t live without style? Why not do a dress change, then? You don’t have to be limited to one outfit, and same as you can embrace the blend of cultures for your venue and stay in Marrakesh, you can do the same thing with your outfit. From Western-styled strapless sweetheart dress by Enzoani, to a more traditional Moroccan dress with an emphasized waist and with gold details. To be comfortable, you can also throw in a stylish Proenza Schouler dress, and make sure you’ve got sexy heels to go with it. If you’re a fashion diva, feel free to switch around outfits and really show off your styling skills. It’s your wedding after all, show how good you are at this.

Introduce traditional food

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Food is the best part of any wedding (if you ask the guests, at least). Moroccan food is downright delectable, and there’s really no reason why you wouldn’t embrace their cuisine and introduce interesting spices and dishes your guests have never tried before. Serve b’ssara and tagine, serve fish chermoula, the delicious Harira soup. Of course, couscous is a must, so definitely find a good chef who will create a marvelous feast and make sure all your guests are fed well and happy.

Stay in riads

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Riads are hotels that are specific to Morocco, and if you want a truly unique experience you can rent one out for you and your guests to stay. They appear very plain from the outside, but inside they’re usually filled with gorgeous décor, and they all have an inner courtyard that all the rooms have access to and that are perfect to lounge in and enjoy the early morning coffee and breakfast. Some riads are humble, some look like palaces, and you can either book a few rooms or rent out an entire riad for yourself and your friend.

Give your guests unique wedding favors

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If you’ll be getting married here, then why not let your guests take a treasured memory from this city so they could always remember your majestic wedding. To make it really unique, you could make small bags filled with coffee and tea blends, tobacco leaves, incense, and maybe a colorful bauble or two.

Make your dream come true in this gorgeous place, and you’re bound to make it completely unforgettable both for yourself and your guests.

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