Making Your Wedding Insta-Worthy


The old days when you wanted your wedding to be memorable and moving are long gone. Nowadays, couples measure the excitement and emotion of their wedding day in social likes. While this might sound preposterous, you need to think outside the box to understand the origin of this curious strategy.

Indeed, making your wedding Insta-worthy goes beyond the realm of a social media app. It is about creating a reception that people want to share. Instagram is as good as any other tool to measure how well you’re doing. But it has the advantage to create a buzz around the little things that will make your big day. And, after all, who doesn’t want to go big for their wedding?

Encourage photos on your wedding day

They love to take pictures

Your guests are likely to come with a smartphone in their handbag. Consequently, you don’t need to worry about finding photos of your wedding; there will be plenty. But if you want to encourage guests to share their best shots online – which you can use to create your photo album of the event – you need to give them plenty of opportunities to take pictures. You could set the tone with a dedicate selfie station and a custom hashtag for the day – if you’re unsure what is selfie station behavior or even budget, you can find out more about it here. It’s a good idea to pick your name and the date as a hashtag, but you can also find a funny pun instead.

Give them excuses for a picture

Selfies are particularly helpful to encourage people to share photos of the event. Also, they help your guests to relax. But you want to showcase other elements of your day. Choosing thoughtful presents for your bridesmaids and a delightful favor for your guests can encourage further pictures too. A lot of people love to share imaginative gifts online, especially if you’ve managed to add a personal touch with as your names or a handwritten note.

Create a breathtaking decor

You may not want to go over the top when it comes to decorating your venue, but sometimes a little bit of creative DIY can make a great deal of difference. Hanging flowers can add a stunning point of attention, and you can be sure that they’ll make unforgettable pictures for everyone. As the nights are about to get a lot warmer, an open-tent scene under a starry sky can be a fantastic alternative to a decorative ceiling. Nothing can beat Mother Nature!

An emotional first dance

Last, but not least, you can be sure to attract all the eyes – and nearly as many cameras – with an entertaining first dance. Some couples spend a lot of time to learn a choreography that sets the party mood on fire. A quick search on YouTube can reveal some of the favorite choices – Thriller by Michael Jackson is a classic for couples and their bridesmaids and groomsmen, for instance. Others have opted for a traditional Walzer instead. But the bottom line is straightforward: Make an entrance or go home.

Turn heads with your dance

An Insta-worthy wedding is not about turning your big day into a social event. It’s about giving your guests and yourself all the fun and attention that make the day memorable. In the end, Instagram is filled with dream-worthy images that spread joy and excitement, and that’s exactly what you want for your wedding day.

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    Vintage Times

    Greats tips and I love the pictures. I would love to have a beautiful Gown, Antique wedding band, and a great location for my wedding.

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