Marriage celebrant Arnel Cabusas sets the right tone for your wedding

The marriage celebrant may not be the first thing you think about when planning the wedding, but just as important as the dress or location. There is no ceremony without a wedding celebrant. Your favourite music is playing. The wedding official asks family & friends to stand. Your heart skips as you make your entrance. This is the time; your wedding ceremony. How do you envision it?

The wedding celebrant is an important part for your ceremony. What suits you: a ceremony full of humor and witticism? Or a ceremony that is traditional and full of love? You don’t want a boring history lesson about the location. None of your guests should be dozing off. And it is certainly not the intention that your toes curl up with inaccurate details, or you have to hear mispronounced names. Therefore, it’s best to choose an experienced marriage celebrant.

Arnel Cabusas has 15 years’ experience as a religious marriage celebrant in Australia. He weds couples together and specialises in Christian ceremonies, although also does standard ceremonies as well. Being married for 40 years himself and having a strong knitted family he knows how important and special your wedding day is. His services are available in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

As an experienced religious wedding celebrant Arnel Cabusas will make sure the celebration of your love will get a meaningful and personal start. You can find all his services here What makes his ceremony different from a normal wedding ceremony is that it goes beyond a personal ceremony. It is a celebration of your love. That great feeling sets the tone for your wedding.

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