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Symbolically, the circular shape of the ring would symbolize an eternity together, and the hole representing the future together.

The practice of giving an engagement ring upon proposal has a long history dating back to the ancient Egyptians. A man would offer an engagement ring in exchange for the girl’s paternal approval of the match. Symbolically, the circular shape of the ring would symbolize an eternity together, and the hole representing the future together. Ancient Egyptians were found with a metal band around their left middle finger, because this was the finger that was believed to lead straight to heart. During the 19th and 20th century, big diamond rings were the trend, as a way to impress and demonstrate the man’s wealth. Even now, many women flaunt massive gaudy engagement rings (i.e. Kim Kardashian’s ring estimated at 2 million dollars). Nowadays, women are much more diverse in their taste for rings, and their meaning is much more symbolic.

An engagement ring should be the symbol of eternal love and loyalty, and few would equate it with the antiquated notion of ownership. Nowadays, proposals are a lot less traditional, with many women being the ones proposing, or both people talking about marriage thoroughly before getting engaged. An engagement ring is more symbolic than a way to measure a man’s wealth, and isn’t always the traditional diamond. Oh My Christine offers gorgeous colorful and unique engagement rings that can fit any budget. Her rings are delicate and feminine, and come in a variety of different cuts and colors sure to fit any woman’s personal style. The bands are also very customizable, with some being gold, some white gold, and some encrusted with small diamonds encircling it.

Oh My Christine’s engagement rings are not for the ordinary woman. They are meant to adorn the finger of the woman who wishes to defy tradition and embrace her personal style in the modern world. Take a look at a few of her gorgeous designs-, and see for yourself! A ring that won’t break the bank or start off your married life drowning in debt, her rings are stylish and delicate. Her Trillion Cut Yellow Beryl Diamond Pave Ring is a brilliant and stunning shade of bright and golden yellow, cut in a unique triangular shape. At 1.86 carats, it is large enough to dazzle without being blinding. The thin understated band is 14-karat white gold and serves to enhance the beauty of the golden stone. This ring also comes in a similar 3.27 carat Peach Morganite, which is a bit more delicate and subtle than the former.

A modern day engagement ring is both symbolic and a beautiful accessory for one’s fingers. With Oh my Christine’s many styles; you can adorn your fingers with something unique and special.


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    Such a gorgeous ring! I love the color and the shape. I’d be happy with that engagement ring! XO, Ellese


  • Reply August 1, 2016


    I love unorthodox engagement rings, I feel they’re more special and unique!


    Tamara –

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