Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

Big weddings require a ton of planning. With so much to do, it’s easy for the bride and groom to accidentally make a wedding planning mistake.

Are you planning a wedding? You want to make sure that every detail is attended to and just right. But, in all that planning, what if you’ve overlooked something? Read through some of themost common wedding planning mistakes to avoid so your wedding day can go off without a hitch.

Blowing the Budget

There’s no reason for the big day to start your marriage off in debt. Set a budget early on and stick to it! Blowing the budget is stressful, but you really don’t want to risk not having the cash for parts of the wedding that you pay for later.

Skimping on a Photographer and Videographer

Your family can record the ceremony and take pictures, but they can’t guarantee frame-worthy quality. If you can, always pay for professional photography and videography!

Remember to treat your photographer with respect and consider going in on those extra editing services. You also want to spend time looking through portfolios to find the right match, as not every photographer has done a wedding like the one you have planned. For example, what you look for in a New York photographer might differ from those with rural experience.

Making Mistakes on the Marriage License

Marriage licenses can end up more specific than you might think. In some states, the licenses are only valid for a set amount of time. If you wish to be legally married at your ceremony, you must make sure that the certificate is correct. Of course, your guests won’t know if you have to follow up with the court to fix mistakes after the ceremony.

Getting Too Attached to a Specific Flower

When you book your florist, you’re probably doing so nearly a year out. Your florist can make estimates on cost based on season, but they can’t give you any definite answers for what flowers are available on your big day. Don’t set your heart on only one specific flower type. Instead, focus on choosing a general color and shape for your desired bouquets.

Shopping and Booking Too Late

Do you know your perfect venue? Or do you have your heart set on that perfectly tailored dress? What about your honeymoon plans? Avoid booking those important parts of your wedding too late. If you shop last minute, you risk missing out. Ideally, you would begin making reservations 8-10 months before the big day to make sure everything is ready to go.

Giving Other People a Say

One of the most common wedding planning mistakes to avoid is giving too much say to other people. You and your spouse have exclusive rights to decide what to do, who to invite, and who to put in your wedding party. Don’t concede to other people! If you really that intimate elopement, then go for it! If you want a massive wedding with a giant wedding party, then make it happen! Just don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable or takes away from your special day.

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