Musello Events wedding and event planning in Malta


With year-round sunshine and crystal-clear water, the island of Malta offers a special location for a wedding or honeymoon. This tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea has everything to make a successful wedding

Because weddings in Maltese culture are celebrated extensively, there is a huge variety of services available in this area, which means organizing a wedding with relatively little stress and you get great value for money. Musello Events can take care of your wedding completely. The wedding can take any form – from a dinner or cocktail party with seats to a traditional, lavish reception.

The locations are not limited to hotels – there is a wide variety of large baroque palaces with gardens, converted farms or somewhat less conventional outdoor locations available. The islands have a wide selection of experienced, professional caterers, who can prepare all kinds of specialties, including local dishes. Musello events have the best vendors for meals and parties that are happy to meet your individual wishes and special requests.

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