Neon For your Big day!

Why Neon?

Adding individuality to a wedding can sometimes be a challenge. This can, however, be achieved through the ingenious décor of the venue. One fun way to pull this off can be through the use of creative lighting. Lighting with a message can be a way to reach out to your new spouse and guests. Also, a perfect gift for the new marital home after the big day, Neon lighting is well worth looking into.

Mr. & Mrs. - Neon Sign

Eclectic catalog

Set pieces are available from that include inspirational quotes, among others.

These signs are almost like artworks, so high is their quality. They are manufactured using new methods, using super bright LEDs. Multiple sizes and color options are available. Unlike traditional neon, they are not prone to breakage and are not hot to the touch, so they are safe for all wedding guests and home.


Supposing that you cannot find the messaging that fits in with your big day, you can also take advantage of a custom text sign generator. Want something even more artistic, and you can submit images to the Neon Mama design team, who will come back to you very quickly with a custom neon design following your theme.

What’s the cost?

Due to the new methods used, these signs can be produced very quickly and cost-effectively. Superfast worldwide delivery is included for spends of over $399. Neon Mama is so confident in the quality of their products that they offer a free one-year warranty with all products.

With this superb range of signs, offering excellent quality and cost-effectiveness, you truly can tailor your words.

So, on your wedding day, give your spouse a message of love in light with Neon Mama’s custom neon & wedding neon sign collection perfect for the big day!

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