New trend: black tungsten wedding bands

black tungsten, wedding band

There is a new trend regarding wedding bands: black tungsten men’s rings. Tungsten is a unique material for men who want an extra sturdy ring. Are you someone who always scratches rings or other jewelry? Then this wedding band is for you! Do you want something that is even harder and tougher than titanium? Then black tungsten wedding band are a great choice! And come in different styles for example black with gold details or a black tungsten ring set with diamonds. You can choose from a great selection here:

black tungsten

The material was originally used primarily in industrial applications. This material is known for being extremely strong and not that expensive either. The biggest advantage of a black tungsten wedding band is that they are hard and scratch-resistant. Due to the materials used, this type of ring is truly unique. Because they are so hard, the chance of distortion or damage is very small. For men who are looking for sturdy rings made of a material that is not damageable, this can really be a good choice.

But the strength of the material is not the only thing that makes this type of ring special. If the ring is only made of tungsten, it is also hypo-allergenic. This means that there is little chance that your skin will be irritated by wearing these rings. So an extra for people with sensitive skin. In addition, black tungsten men’s rings feels nice and heavy. So you really feel that you are wearing a beautiful product. Take into consideration that the rings are hard and the melting point so high that they cannot be changed in size. 

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