Top 5 Newlyweds favorite wedding gifts

wedding gifts

Step away from the blender. Put those china teacups down. I know you’re sticking to the gift registry but everyone knows that newlyweds’ favorite wedding gifts will ultimately be an off-the-registry surprise. Here are the 5 best gift ideas that will no doubt get you to the top of the thank you card list.

  1. A Drawing

Ideally a drawing of the happy couple. It could be from an old photograph; when they first met or a candid holiday snap or even a wedding photo. Get a professional to make a copy in black and white using either pencil or charcoal for a timeless piece that can be placed anywhere in their new home.


  1. Handmade quilt

If you fancy yourself a little project and have the time to do so, this one’s a winner. Collecting squares of material over an extended period of time, say, 6 months-1 year and stitching them into a quilt, throw or picnic rug makes for a thoughtful and practical gift. To make it extra personal, the material could represent their shared interests or places they’ve visited. Wedding gifts like this will come like a surprise, they’ll be sure to love you forever.


  1. A song

This is particularly special if the couple have a shared love of music and you happen to be a musician! Even if you’re not, get you and a couple of friends to dust of that guitar and record a tune or two in honor of the bride and groom. If you’re completely opposed to forming a band, you could hire a band to for a  surprise performance at the reception!


  1. A Plaque

A plaque engraved with the couple’s initials or their new surname is a very touching gift, especially when given from family. Make sure to include their wedding date so it doubles up as an anniversary reminder!


  1. Honeymoon Survival Pack

An absolute treat for any newlywed couple. Include all the romantic stuff like chocolates, candles and champagne but don’t forget those survival essentials; penknife, first aid kit and that all important pinot grigio for that inevitable rainy day.


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