Overseas Weddings: Helping Hands In A Foreign Land

married overseas

Getting married overseas is a big part of the wedding dream for many couples. But it’s a dream that requires a few more hoops than others to fulfill. One of the big barriers when trying to do so will be the obvious distance between you and the plans you’re trying to make. But to cut out the hassle, there are a few friends you ought to make in advance. Here, we’ll look at who you should be getting in touch with and why.


The venue

It’s the decision that must come first, obviously. One of the best reasons to wed abroad is for the choice of gorgeous wedding venues in all kinds of locations. But don’t let the beauty of the destination be enough to blind you to other factors. How easy is it for you and your guests to get there from nearby accommodations? What’s the climate going to be like at this time of year? Keep in touch with your venue and make sure you get all your questions answered leading up to the big day. It can give you enough time to spot a potential problem and fix it in advance or find alternative plans.

The planner

Unless you plan on spending a month or more over at the wedding destination, there’s a good chance you’re not going to be able to get the full spectrum of available vendors, caterers, performers, and the like. When marrying abroad, thinking you can take it all on yourself can be an easy road to disaster. For that reason, look at the event agency for the country you plan on getting married in. They tend to have a directory with plenty of wedding planners. Take your time and choose the one who lists examples of work closest to what you want. You might not have as tight a grasp on the reins as you would, back home, but you can make sure that someone who shares your tastes does.


The state

Getting all official and legal might not get you in the wedding mood, but finding out that your marriage isn’t valid is going to be a much bigger deal. There are legal requirements to getting married abroad. Check state websites, most of them will have clear guidelines on the validity of a marriage. The marriage has to be valid in the country you’re getting married in, not the country you’re from, for instance. Then don’t forget to get registered when you get back home, too.

The airline

When you get married abroad, you’re making a big ask of the people that you’re inviting along, too. It’s only right that you should put in a little effort to help them cope with some of the expenses. For instance, do some research on airline price comparison sites and find which airlines offer the best group discounts. Getting in touch with them directly might net you even bigger savings for the party if more are travelling together.

It’s a good idea to get over to check the venue and the arrangements with your planner in person. But finding good partners means you can stay relatively hands-off and rest assured everything is being taken care of.

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