Perfect Couple: Should You Both Do The Ring Thing?

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While lots of us still believe the ‘ideal’ proposal should consist of a tuxedoed man down on one knee holding out a leather ring box as he speaks from the heart, life isn’t like a romantic movie and engagements aren’t just for the woman! In 2017, more and more couples, particularly millennials who are much fairer about splitting things like chores, bills, and paperwork are both choosing to wear engagement rings!

Two For A Pair

Choose something that’ll stand the test of time by weaving harmonious platinum and silver together to produce a stunning, glittering pave halo for you, and a thick, platinum band with a solitaire centered diamond for him. These are a gorgeous combination and using the same gems, metals and design aesthetic suggests that the two of you are on the same page, are already a rock solid unit and know who you are, not only as individuals but as a couple. The solitaire is a classic, elegant choice but the inclusion of a man’s ring gives it a modern, appealing twist that a young couple would love.

Gold, Silver, Bronze

Obviously, the go-to choice would be a pair of matching solid gold engagement rings, with your partner wearing a D-shaped band and yourself a thinner, curved one. These are by far the most traditional rings and tend to be for those who abide by old fashioned values, don’t want fuss or nonsense and love the idea of wearing the same piece. Gold is also suitable for everyday wear, looks good on most people and tends to keep its shine unlike silver or white gold that may need regular polishing. It may sound a little out there but why not go for a two tone color set? Bronze and silver look wonderful together, it’s a stylish cohesive design, and due to the slightly thicker bands, you’ll have enough space to inscribe private messages.

Aligned, Not Matching

If the idea of being too matchy-matchy makes you cringe a little then why not go for a set that shares similarities? Yet once you look closer, you’ll also be able to see small differences. It’s important to remember that you may be one-half of a couple, but you’re still you so why not choose something that honors that commitment too? A dedicated jeweler will happily give you advice on how to choose a diamond for your ring that echoes that of your partner’s, be it in the band or the setting itself. Diamond encrusted rings look awesome, or you could opt for a three stone princess cut ring while your partner wears a plain band with diamonds at the sides.

Show Me The World

They’re not only incredibly romantic but also quite unique as the maps you choose to have engraved on the band might be where she grew up, where the two of you fell in love, or the country where you’re getting married. These aren’t just rings; these are coordinates that’ll transport you both back to those precious memories every time you look at your hand. It’s the perfect choice for couples who’re are a little bit quirky, off the wall as well as those who love to travel together.



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