Perfect Engagement Party Essentials

engagement party

An engagement party is a beautiful way to celebrate your commitment to your loved one, but with the wedding looming in the near future, it can be tricky to distinguish which details of event planning truly deserve your time and attention. So, here are some essentials for your engagement party that will ensure you have a fun, stress-free day:

A breathtaking ensemble

Regardless of the formality of your event, allow yourself to shine as the bride you will soon be, but not necessarily in the most expected of ways. Steer clear of white until your wedding day, and create a bold statement, whether it’s with your outfit choice or some impactful accessories. Although pastel colors might be the best option, you can go for anything from bright pink tutus to colorful floral headpieces, to make sure all eyes are on your during this wonderful celebration. Whatever you opt for, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and step out of your comfort zone.

The perfect engagement ring

engagement party

Quite possibly the most important aspect of every engagement party, beautiful engagement rings are undoubtedly going to be the center of attention on this wonderful day, as everyone will want to catch a glimpse of your gorgeous shiny stones. So, if you haven’t already gotten a ring from your loved one, choose a dainty and elegant, yet highly luxurious engagement ring to proudly flaunt during your engagement party and bask in the admiration.

A wonderful engagement party theme

Whether it’s classic, rustic or bohemian, every wedding has a certain theme, and your engagement party should have one as well. While it might be best to choose different themes for both events to give your guests a new experience each time, you can always choose a complementary theme if you want things to be more cohesive. From choosing a simple, yet effective centerpiece that shows your style to adding some flowers that reflect your color palette, and even incorporating your theme into the food and drinks, planning an engagement party can be a very fun and simple process.

The right venue

engagement party

The venue you choose should depend on the number of guests you are inviting, as well as the theme of the party you’d like to have. But the good news is, anything goes. If you are planning a smaller, more intimate affair, you can consider having a brunch engagement party in a backyard or a restaurant, or even throwing a dinner party at your home. On the other hand, if you want to have a bigger, more upscale celebration, you can consider a function room, hotel ballroom, winery or rooftop bar, whichever feels right for this special occasion.

Lovely invitations

Just like you wouldn’t e-mail an invitation for the wedding, it’s best not to send one out for your engagement party either. Even if you decide to go with a casual celebration, send out traditional invitations that add a more personal touch to this special day, and also make for a wonderful keepsake. Choose a design that goes along well with the style and theme of your engagement party, and don’t forget to include all the essential party information.

A gift game plan

Most people tend to bring gifts to an engagement party, so if you don’t want them, make sure to specify “No gifts, please” on the invitation. If gifts are welcome, register for small to medium-sized ones, and always keep track of who gives you what, so that you can send lovely thank you cards after the celebration.

This party might be the first time your families spend time together, so use it to bask in the joy of your engagement with your nearest and dearest before you dive into the world of wedding planning.

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