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wedding shoes

When shopping for the whole wedding outfits for men, people tend to take more care when choosing the wedding dress and accessories. However, when it comes to the wedding shoes, more often than not a rushed and hasty decision will be made. The wedding elevator shoes really count more than what we think it will be. Can you image how regretful you will be if the wedding elevator shoes destroy the harmony of your whole outfit?

wedding shoes

It’s not that difficult to choose your wedding shoes although it can become a bit complex as the process goes on. The easy part is that you choose what you like and what makes you feel the most stylish. The tricky part is that there are several things you need to consider before making your final selection. For instance, if you’re rather short and your bride is rather tall, you’ll probably want to choose height increasing shoes.

Then what kind of criteria should we comply to when choosing the wedding shoes? Here are some tips.

1 Make sure the wedding shoes make you taller and comfortable


Now whatever you decide on for your wedding elevator shoes, keep in mind that you’re going to be on your feet for a long time both at the wedding and then the reception. You’ll need to be available for the photographer as well as thanking each of your guests personally for attending and accepting their congratulations. So your high heel shoes should be fashionably beautiful and comfortable.

If you’ve invested in a brand new pair height increasing wedding shoes, before the wedding, be sure to wear your taller shoes around the house for a few days after you buy them – this way you’ll soften and break them in, you need to adjust to the height of men high heel shoes in advance. which means less chance of sore feet and blisters on your big day. Also remember to scuff the soles a little so you don’t slip.

2,Create A Unique Groom Elevator Shoes Style

The basic features of your wedding elevator shoes should be black, leather and lace-up. When it comes to the soles, if possible, go for leather rather than rubber. You may think there isn’t a difference, but believe us, it’s a little thing that will make your shoe look more sophisticated. if you’re keeping it traditional and classy, you have two options here – black or brown.

Black shoes are the smartest option for your footwear.

-Whether you wear a suit or a tux, you won’t put a foot wrong with sleek polished Oxfords or plain lace-ups.

-Shiny patent shoes are OK with black tie, but strictly speaking are meant for even fancier white tie.

-Wingtips or brogues are usually too chunky for a slick suit (they were originally a country shoe worn by farmers.)

Brown shoes are less dressy.

Chocolate brown shoes can look sweet with a dark suit, anything much lighter will be out of step.

wedding shoes

But if you want to create a unique groom elevator shoes style, you need to break the routine, the leather elevator dress shoe is not the only option for your wedding party.

Much as we love a nontraditional wedding party, we might be even more obsessed with unique groom elevator shoes style. From bolo ties and patterned blazers to colored suits and felt hats, to go well with your wedding outfits, you could choose the elevator sneaker, height increasing canvas shoes or elevator dress shoes, you even can get a pair of hidden height insoles sandals at a summer beach wedding. There are plenty of ways for grooms to get in on the fashion fun of their wedding day. Your wedding should reflect your personal style as much as possible. Whether you’re quirky, chic, folksy, or a total rock star, Chamaripa shoes will help you get the best elevator shoesfor your big day.

3,Keeping Your Wedding Taller Shoes to Spruce

Make sure you give your wedding taller shoes a good polish for the wedding, especially if you’re wearing an old pair. Trust us, dusty shoes really will ruin your entire look. If you do shine your shoes, make sure there’s no polish residue left on them.

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