How To Have The Perfect Yacht Wedding that feels like a dream

yacht wedding

We all have our fairy tale expectations about our dream wedding at some point in life. What nobody tells us is how to make these dreams come true. If you wish to get married on a yacht, then this article is for you. We shall review the dos and don’ts on a yacht wedding. By the way, if you thought that yacht weddings are expensive, you need to think again. If you like to do something different and enjoy adventure travel visit for more ideas.

Keep Your Guest List In Check

Due to the nature of yacht weddings, the smaller the number of guests the better for you. Most yacht owners will limit you between 100 to 200 guests. At this point, you need to prioritize the close family members and friends.

Book The Right Vessel

The total number of guests will determine the capacity of yacht you should book. Make sure you stay within limits. A very big vessel will cost you more, while a tiny vessel might congest your guests. Make sure you strike the perfect balance.

yacht wedding

Take Care Of The Weather

If you are planning your wedding in a hot environment, it’s advisable to get married on a yacht with an air-conditioning system. As a result, you’ll save you makeup and keep your guests happy.

Consider Easy Meal Plans

At this stage, the cost of your wedding attire and that of hiring the boat is already bulging your budget. A meal that is easy to serve will save you a lot of space and money. Organizing Barbecues outside the yacht can be a great idea for a yacht wedding. Then throw in a simple vegetable salad and some burgers to accompany the proteins.

yacht wedding

The Bigger The Band, The Better

Echoes and wind motion tend to sweep away the musicals in most yacht weddings. Therefore, invest in sound amplifiers and get a bigger group to take care of the entertainment. You don’t want to be dancing to the seagull-screams or the splashing waves in the ocean, right?

Hand Over The Planning If You Are Busy

The last thing you wish to go wrong is your dream wedding. Especially if you’ve already invested in a yacht wedding. If you are too busy to take care of the tiny little details, by all means, hire a wedding planner. And not just any planner, invest in one who deals with yacht weddings. At the end of the day, making your dreams come true is what you should focus on, right? So rock that wedding gown and celebrate your wedding like it’s the last thing you’ll ever do on earth.

yacht wedding

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