Personalize Your Wedding Look: Top Tips for a Memorable & Unique Ensemble

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The moment that a bride walks down the aisle is a rare moment frozen in time where all eyes in the room are keenly focused on you. The wedding day provides brides with the chance to express themselves and feel like beautiful royalty with every step they take. Many people mistakenly believe that the wedding dress is the only element to focus on when developing the overall wedding look.

However, the key is to ensure that your wedding look embraces and highlights who you were, who you are, and the person that you will become in this new chapter of your journey in life and love. Here are some creative tips to consider if you want to enhance the quality and unique appeal of your unforgettable wedding look:

Wear a Family Heirloom or Jewelry to Accessorize Your Look

One of the most beautiful ways to honor your past is to highlight your wedding look with a heirloom or jewelry that has been shared by generations within your family tree. For instance, it could be the diamond earrings that your mother or grandmother cherished for years. Perhaps it is the vintage necklace or brooch of a deceased relative that you still want to be part of your special day in a spiritual way. Working family heirlooms into the design of your wedding look can add meaningful layers of history and sentimentality.

Use Embroidery to Infuse Personality into Your Wedding Look

Embroidery can be a wonderful accent to add to your wedding look – especially if the embroidered pattern or design reflects your personality. Whether it is a meaningful quote or your initials, this can add a personal touch to make it clear that your look truly belongs to you. You could even create an element of intimacy to reflect the love story that you share with your future spouse.

Invest in a Skilled Tailor to Accentuate Your Curves

Finding the perfect fit is nearly impossible to do with a dress that comes straight off of a rack of bridal store mannequin. However, you may be surprised to see what a skilled tailor could create with even a store-bought dress to make that garment feel as if it was designed from scratch specifically with your body in mind. Whether it’s a custom addition or hemline adjustment, an experienced tailor can ensure that the dress accentuates and enhances your stature and overall appearance in true storybook fashion.

Accept and Embrace the Power of Colors

Many people consider a white wedding dress to be the standard option for wedding day looks simply because it is the “traditional” choice. However, just because some may view a white dress as “tradition” does not mean you are required to follow it. You can add a substantial amount of vibrancy and aesthetic appeal to your wedding look by injecting colors into your selected ensemble. Some examples to consider include bold jewel colors, playful patterns, or even a soft pastel.

There may even be a particular color, shade, or pattern that means a lot to you and your loved ones that can be worked into the overall wedding look as well. Just remember that there is nothing wrong with breaking tradition – especially if you are able to do so in a stylish yet dignified way that honors you, your spouse, and the occasion.

Break Tradition With Your Bouquet Selection

Whether you choose to break tradition with your wedding dress color is up to you. Nonetheless, you should at least consider breaking tradition when it comes to the composition of your wedding bouquet. There are so many different creative alternatives that you can use besides the standard flower bouquet used at most weddings. For instance, you could consider stunning dried flower arrangements or even cascading greenery.

Quite a few brides have even been impressed by the use of paper flower bouquets or even lightweight bouquets made up of single-colored feathers. Other non-traditional options include bouquets made of herbs, brooches, succulents, fabric ribbons, origami or even an edible option of fruits & vegetables.

Find a Unique Way to Match Makeup and Hairstyle With Your Overall Look

Your makeup and hairstyle should be viewed as the final pieces of the intricately-detailed jigsaw puzzle that is your wedding look. You want the entire motif to flow from head to toe as one consistent work of art. Experiment with different makeup patterns and hairstyles that essentially would allow you to show your guests the best version of yourself. Your wedding day is not a “typical” day, so you should not settle for a “typical” hairstyle or makeup look. From updos and bold lip colors to loosened waves and colorful mascaras, there is a seemingly endless list of possible combinations for you to explore.

Add Elements That Honor Your Cultural or Spiritual Heritage

Your culture and religious beliefs are cornerstones of what define you. Therefore, you should use a little creativity and consideration to find ways to include aspects of your heritage within your wedding look. For instance, you could stick with traditional attire from your culture or nationality – such as Korean hanboks, Indian saris, Scottish kilts, Japanese kimonos. You could even consider the veil or headwear pieces that you choose – such as Jewish skullcaps, Spanish lace veils, Indian tikkas, or Sikh turbans. A religious symbol such as a cross, om, or Star of David may suffice depending on your visualized look. You could also consider garlands, floral accessories or even footwear selections that would still achieve the same goal.

Use Grace to Handle Concerns from the Mother of the Bride

It may seem like a small thing at first, but your mother will play an integral role in the overall planning of your wedding day. She is well-aware that this is your day, but she more than likely has the best intentions in mind of just wanting to make your special day as special as possible. Listen to the concerns that she brings up with loving respect and grace.

Remember that you can involve her in the decision-making process without making her the final decisionmaker. Keeping the mother of the bride involved and informed will help you to navigate any turbulence or disagreements that arise since you took the time to establish a foundation of understanding and love at the start of the wedding planning process.

Your Wedding Day Will Be Perfect, Because It’s Your Wedding Day

One of the most important points to remember is that your wedding day will be perfect because it is your wedding day. Even with the unexpected curveballs that may appear during the wedding or reception, you will be able to remind yourself of your past, present, and future journeys just by staring at your wedding look in the mirror. You will be reminded of how far you have come to get to where you are and be able to enjoy the glimpse into the future as you and your beautiful wedding dress glide down the aisle towards your spouse and your future.

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