Planning A Dream Wedding

There is a lot to consider when planning a wedding! From the photographs to the catering, it can seem never ending. Read on to discover more about two critical planning elements: arriving in style and creating photos to cherish forever.

Arriving in style

If you are planning your wedding day then you will undoubtedly have a lot of different things to think about and plan. One of the most important factors you will need to organise is wedding car hire. After all, you want to arrive to the biggest day of your life in style. This is something which should not be rushed into as there are several points you need to consider before renting a car.

First and foremost, this is an aspect of your wedding that you should be planning in advance. Don’t leave this decision until last minute because not only will your choice be rushed but it is unlikely that the company will have the car you want available.

When deciding on which car to hire you need to think about the overall look and style of the car. Make sure you pick something which matches into the theme of your wedding. Most people tend to go for old school cars because they have a more traditional theme to them. Rolls Royces and Limousines tend to be the two most popular choices. Nevertheless, you may want to think outside of the box and go for something a bit different.

In keeping with the theme of style, you should also give a lot of consideration to the colour. After all, you do not want the car to clash with you or your bridesmaid’s dresses, nor do you want it to look odd in the photographs. It is recommended to pick a colour which is neutral or a shade which is incorporated with your overall wedding theme.

Also, it is pivotal that you seek wedding car hire from a reputable company. After all, you need service from a business which is reliable. You need to know that they will turn up at the place decided upon, that they will be there on time, that they will be friendly and that the car is exactly the same as the one you picked. You should read customer reviews and make sure you seek an experienced company in order to benefit from a top quality service.

It is also important that you seek a company with a hands on approach. After all, you will need to plan the journey together and they should be able to give the expert knowledge with regards to timing. You also need to think about the journey you want to take, as a lot of people like to stop off at places which are special to them whilst on the way to the ceremony.

And finally you need to think about the size of the car you are going to hire. You need to ensure that it is big enough to fit you and whoever else is riding with you inside. Moreover, remember to make allowances for your dress, as most dresses will take up a lot of space.

Ensuring you have beautiful photos to cherish for the rest of your life

There is nothing worse than receiving your wedding photographs and being disappointed with what you see. You can’t go back and relive the day again. And, even if you put your wedding dress back on, get all the guests together, and take some photographs, you’d know that it wasn’t your actual wedding day, and thus it just doesn’t feel the same. This is why it is important to get your wedding photographs right. They need to be perfect! With that being said, let’s take a look at the top five locations for wedding photos.

1. Somewhere relevant to the couple’s life – If you can have your wedding photographs taken somewhere that means something to you both, then they are guaranteed to be a hit. Perhaps you could have them taken at the venue of your first date, or maybe you went on a memorable trip to a coastal or countryside resort in the UK?

2. Somewhere with a spectacular view – You won’t be shocked to discover that this is on the list. However, you can really make your wedding photographs magical if you have a spectacular view in the background, from a stunning beach to sweeping cliffs. When there is such a dramatic and immense background with a couple in the centre in a loving embrace, it creates a breath-taking shot; appearing as though you are the only two people in the world and even your surroundings cannot distract you from one and other.

3. A sweeping staircase – A sweeping staircase is a great place for a wedding photographer to take photographs of a couple. There are so many different photo opportunities, from sitting down on the stairs sharing an intimate kiss, to chasing each other up the stairs in a playful, romantic, and unguarded moment. The photographer can also shoot from many different angles, which achieves such a diverse set of results.

4. Somewhere historic – From castles to stately homes, there are many historic buildings and sites around the UK that make the perfect setting for wedding photographs. These places are dramatic and striking, and the photographer will find many different areas and props for you to make the most of.

5. Initiate photographs – Last but not least, your photographer can choose a set of everyday environments to take some intimate wedding photographs. For example, you and your partner could be sitting on a park bench with your head on his shoulder, or you could be walking down a picturesque street holding hands.

We hope this has helped you with your wedding plans! Congratulations!

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