Planning a Micro Wedding Under 8k

micro wedding

Your wedding day should be one of the most treasured days in your life. But why does it have to be so expensive? You don’t need to break the bank for the perfect wedding. With careful planning, you can create a micro wedding that fits your budget and still looks fantastic. This article will provide tips on how to plan a micro wedding under 8k.

Pick Your Venue Wisely

Choosing the right venue will be one of the most significant expenses in your wedding budget, and it also sets the tone for your entire event. A smaller space can give your wedding an intimate atmosphere that larger venues can’t match. When looking for a venue, keep your budget in mind and go for something that is both affordable and aesthetically pleasing. Also, make sure you book early—you don’t want to miss out on the perfect location because someone else got there first!

Cut Back On Guests

The more people at your wedding, the higher your costs will be. Consider keeping it simple by inviting only close family and friends to attend. If you want to include more people willing to travel and pay for their own lodging, then opt for a destination micro-wedding where everyone can get away at once! This will help reduce costs while allowing you to enjoy quality time with those closest to you. 

Food & Beverage Costs

Wedding food and beverage costs are one of the most significant expenses associated with any wedding celebration. To keep costs down for a micro wedding, consider opting for family-style dinner service instead of plated meals, which will save on labor costs and reduce food waste. Additionally, think about opting for an open bar with limited options instead of offering an extensive list of drinks that can quickly add up in cost. Other ways to cut down on food and beverage costs include having potluck dishes brought by friends or family members or skipping dessert altogether in favor of a signature cocktail or mocktail hour.

micro wedding

Flower Arrangements

Flowers are often thought to be expensive, but this can be different! For your micro wedding, keep your flower arrangements simple but still elegant by choosing just one or two types of flowers in bulk from local suppliers like farmer’s markets or wholesale stores. Another way to make your floral arrangements more affordable is by opting for seasonal blooms that won’t break the bank but still look stunning on tablescapes or ceremony backdrops.

DIY Decoration Projects

Getting creative with decorations can help keep costs down while still creating a stunning atmosphere. DIY projects like making centerpieces out of mason jars or crafting your own photo booth backdrop can add a personal touch while saving money too! Use twinkle lights and fabric swatches to give your space an elegant vibe without breaking the bank. Plenty of online resources are available to help inspire your DIY projects and tutorials on how to make them yourself!

Micro wedding

Planning a micro wedding doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult; it just takes some creative thinking and careful planning. By choosing the right venue, cutting back on guests, keeping down the food & beverage costs, making the flower arrangements affordable, and getting creative with decorations, you can create the perfect micro wedding without breaking your budget – even if it’s under 8k! With these tips in mind, we hope you have all the information necessary to plan an unforgettable micro-wedding celebration full of love and joy without spending too much money!

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