Planning a Selfless Wedding

Your wedding day is, of course, your day. It is one of the only days that you’ll get in your whole life that is about you. It is one of the only days you’ll get in life where a number of people congregate in one place to see and celebrate you. But just because your wedding is about you in these senses, it doesn’t mean the day is just about you. And it doesn’t mean you have the right to be completely selfish either. For advice on how to plan a selfless wedding, make sure to read on.

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Don’t be selfish in regards to the location

Yes, your guests might be there to see you wed and celebrate with you afterwards, but they are part of the day as well. And because they are part of the day, you cannot expect them to lose out too much because of it. Specifically, you cannot expect them to drop all of their other commitments, as well as a bucket load of money, to come and celebrate your wedding if it is held abroad. Yes, wedding locations abroad can be phenomenally breathtaking. But they can also be very expensive too. So, to host the ultimate selfless wedding you should consider hosting our wedding in a place and venue that is convenient for the majority of your guests to get to. Or if you are dead set on jet setting across the world to wed, then make sure to have a belated party or reception when you return home in order to allow those who simply could not fly out with you to celebrate your marriage properly.

Don’t be selfish when it comes to choosing the ring

Being selfless when it comes to choosing your engagement and weddings rings is completely different to being selfless when it comes to your wedding’s venue and guests. In fact, being selfless when it comes to the choosing of your rings is far more important than being selfless in regards to the venue and guests. It is far more important because it could save a life. Yes, by choosing a certain ring or a certain type of jewellery you could be contributing to a costly loss in either the form of a human life, the environment, or maybe even both, because of the way the ring or jewellery was wrought. So, when it comes to choosing your ring, choose one that is made beyond conflict. Brilliant Earth are a leading supplier in jewellery that is made in this beyond conflict way, and are therefore a go-to supplier of engagement rings for all you socially conscious, and genuinely thoughtful, brides to be out there. Engagement and wedding rings are a massive part of every wedding. They are the symbol that those who have married have become one. They are a sign of commitment. And they are what the whole ceremony builds towards. So, yes, the rings are important. But just because they are important it does not mean that anybody need to be taken advantage of for you to get them.

As tempting as it is to be completely selfish on your wedding day, please try to refrain! You’ll still have your chance to be selfish in some parts as well as be the princess (or prince) you’ve always dreamed of being on your wedding day. Just please don’t be 100% selfish.


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    Great tips!!

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    Ela -

    Wedding is a very important celebration in life and for married couples should be an unforgettable event. When inviting guests, you need to think a little about their financial ability to go to the place of reception or simply not to invite them. You have to judge who you care about and what kind of party you like. All arriving guests must feel good at your wedding.

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