Planning an Awesome Bachelorette Party From Start To Finish

Bachelorette Party

Planning your bachelorette party, or setting something up for a loved one? Unlike the wedding which is a fairly formal affair, with the bachelorette you have free reign to do what you like. You can keep it subdued or go all out depending on the kind of night you’re after! Here’s how you can arrange an awesome bachelorette party from start to finish.

Drinks and Nibbles

Getting everyone round for drinks and nibbles is a great way to start off the evening. Perfect for getting everyone mingling and excited for the night to come. If you’re starting a little earlier in the day, how about setting up an afternoon tea? With some fancy sandwiches, pastries and savories all delicately displayed it makes for a cute and sophisticated way to spend time with friends. Start off with cups of tea in mismatched china cups, and move onto the champagne a little later! You can find plenty of ideas on how to set everything up on Google and Pinterest. Spend some time setting up the table and decorating the room to really make an occasion of it! You can find decorations cheaply in dollar stores and sites like eBay and Etsy. Decide on the kind of theme you’re going for and decorate according to that. Are you going to go with a traditional fun and tacky theme with L plates and pink feather boas? Do you want to do something a little more cute and kitsch- bunting, paper pom pom decorations and banners strung up?


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An Evening Out

A little later you could head out for an evening of entertainment. How about a comedy club, a show at the theater or even a night out with the Hunks at a male strip show! Have a chat about what kinds of things your group are into and book some tickets online in advance of the evening. Doing something like this gives some structure to the evening and

A Party Bus

If all of your group chip in, the cost of a party bus isn’t too- expensive especially if it’s only for an hour or two. You essentially get your own mini nightclub where you can dance, sing karaoke and have some drinks! You could arrange for it to pick you up from your destination and drop you off at a bar or club for some more fun and laughs. There are a wide range of companies out there so finding something local shouldn’t be a problem.

A Bar or Club

You could play bachelorette party games while you’re out, do shots or keep it classy somewhere a little quieter with a few glasses of wine. If you don’t get to see your group of friends all that often this is the perfect chance to catch up and make memories together. From there, grab a cab home and then sleep off the alcohol! Make sure you don’t end up too worse for wear, there’s bound to still be some wedding details to finalise.

What will you be doing for your bachelorette party?

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