Planning The Big Day… What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

wedding venue

We all know this; your wedding is a big deal! But what we don’t know is what has the potential to go wrong, either doing planning or on the big date itself, and with so many things taking priority in your planning, it can be difficult to mentally prepare yourself for coping with something going wrong. And while we don’t want to create more anxieties for you in the run-up to the big day, but what are the most common things that go wrong, and how can you solve them?


Your Wedding Venue Falls Through

Yes, it happens. Either the venue itself doesn’t have the license to hold weddings anymore, or the business itself has gone bust. If this happens while you are in the middle of planning your big day, it is much better than it falling through on the actual day itself. The best approach is to work with a wedding planner that knows which venues are tried and tested, or if you are unable to afford this, do your research on the history of your chosen venue beforehand. Or ask other people for their opinions. This will better prepare you for picking a venue that won’t cause you a headache or a heartache. If the worst comes to worst and it does fall through on the day itself, you need to make a snap decision as to whether to postpone, or to find an alternative venue. You may want to think about contacting other venues that were on your list, especially if you have family that has flown in especially for the event. In many respects, event spaces are not hard to find, so if you are determined to get married on that day, no matter what, there is a solution to your problem. If your wedding venue does fall through, remember to bear in mind any lost deposits at this late stage in the game.

Your Dress Is A Size Too Small

If it’s too late to order a new dress, it isn’t too late for any last minute alterations! One solution would be to add a corset back to the wedding dress, which can give you a little bit more breathing space. It’s also best to see if some of the seams can be let out.

Missing Decor Not Arriving On The Day

This can be an issue, especially if you’ve spent a lot of money on flowers and cake toppers for the big day. And it can be a bit upsetting if the flowers don’t show up, or the cake is there, and it’s too late to make any changes or get a replacement cake topper. The best advice in relation to this is that only you know exactly what was meant to be decor and what wasn’t, so if you are the only one that’s bothered by this, and no one else is, does it really make that much of an impact on your big day? Ultimately, if a cake topper has gone missing, it’s not going to bring down the whole day. And, in this respect, you will have to just let it be.

There are things that will go wrong in the run-up to your big day, and on the big day itself. But something will go wrong, it’s just whether you have the perspective or not to let it overshadow the big day.


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