Planning your wedding photography

Bridal couples who have thought about everything in advance can relax more on the day itself. Someone is responsible for every task, logistics have been thought about (parking, who drives with whom) and the guests also know what is going to happen. Good preparation is half the work.

The photo shoot is very important in planning your wedding. Do you do the photo shoot before or after your ceremony? Of course you can do both! Make sure to choose a professional wedding photographer with lots of experience such as Banff wedding photographer. You will have the best quality photos with an experienced photographer.

There are a number of benefits to holding the photo shoot early in your wedding day. First of all, your outfits are still in tip-top shape. After all, you have just come from the hairdresser and you have just put on your clothes brand new. Secondly, you can then stay with your guests all the time from the ceremony and you don’t have to go anywhere. And thirdly, you can schedule the time for the shoot as long as you want: do you want longer? Then you just start a little earlier!

Organise in advance

Nothing more annoying than a rushed day! It is better to discover at the end of the photo shoot that you can take an extra toilet break, than to miss that one cool photo location because the ceremony is almost starting. And also remember that you are a bit slower in your dress and sky-high heels than in your jeans and your sneakers. Try to get into that little sports car intact and elegant.

Check your travel time

It’s easier when the wedding takes place in one location. Dressing up, meeting, photo shoot, ceremony and dinner and party all in the same castle for example. Traveling takes time, sometimes causes confusion (especially for guests who are not from the area!) and you can’t spend all the time you’re on the road with your guests. If you do opt for different locations make sure to organise it well.

Group photos

Not everyone chooses to take group photos with family and friends. Still, it is often nice to have them afterwards! I always advise to take at least one picture of the whole group. And usually there will be some photos with parents, brothers or sisters, witnesses and the group of friends. It can help enormously to make a list in advance of the combinations that you would like to be photographed in any case. As a photographer, I don’t need that list. As long as there is someone who helps me at the time of shooting to call the groups together and check off the list.

After the ceremony

The photo shoot after the ceremony also has advantages. Often you have a toast moment after the ceremony. And such a glass of alcohol can just ensure that you are a little looser and less tense to have your picture taken. Moreover, the worst tension is often gone when the official part is over. Another advantage may also be that some couples only feel really married after the yes word. You have your rings on and now that you are really husband and wife, you really shine.

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