Popular Must-Have Necklaces You Need For This Shaadi Season

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Amongst a plethora of types of necklaces adorned with Indian festive and bridal wear, few never go out of style and always shine as trendsetters. Do you want to know the hottest necklace trends this Shaadi season? Is it the guttapusalu or RaaniHaar or a Bib necklace? Let’s find out :

1.      The Traditional Choker: Ideally measuring between 14″ to 16″ in length, this snug neckpiece settles high on the neck and envelopes the throat. It can be a single band that loops around the neck or numerous layers of gems beads or pearl drops. It looks great with a deep or low-cut neckline, as well as strapless or off-shoulder clothing. A choker is versatile, and one of the most popular picks for almost all Indian outfits. A bridal choker is wider than a regular choker and looks stunning on brides with slender necks. For an Indian wedding Mehendi function, a kundan or pearl choker looks wonderful.

2. Guttapusalu: We have seen celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor adorning the Guttapusalu along with other layered necklaces on their wedding day. This south Indian design ends with tiny pearls at the fringes and other precious stones set within it.

3. Simple and layered: The layered necklace is the best option for those who like to look effortless and straightforward. The layered necklace is comfortable, elegant and will never go out of style. The versatile nature of the necklace makes it easy to match it with casual and festive outfits. Make a sophisticated style statement with this Shaadi season.

4. Antique South Indian Style: Proper South Indian bridal or wedding attire may be incomplete without antique jewelry pieces. An antique necklace temple design paired with a silk saree is the best combination for a distinctive look.

5. Diamond: We all know that Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Diamond necklace sets are the perfect option for brides who want to accessorize festive outfits with timeless, delicate diamonds, flawless for every kind of outfit. Whether it is a longer necklace or chokers, diamond necklaces will never go out of style. 

6. Rani haar: Rani haars are typically made up of long gold chains (single or many) with a large gold locket at the end decorated with pearls and jewels.As the name suggests this necklace, gives a regal look and has been a favorite among royalty. This bold trinket can work as a standalone piece, primarily crafted with the profuse use of Kundan and many other precious and semiprecious gemstones like emeralds and uncut diamonds. At times, rani haar also displays elaborate work of minakari or enamel.

7. Bib Style: It derives its name from the appearance of a baby’s bib, which is worn around the neck while feeding food. It can be designed using numerous gems, precious stones, or pearls. It’s a good option for a cocktail party outfit before or after the wedding, especially if it’s an off-shoulder gown or dress. If not, the neckline and fabric should be simple to display the necklace’s design prominently. One must keep other jewellery as subtle as possible while donning a bib necklace.

8. Navratan: Navratan is a Sanskrit word that means nine stones. A navratan necklace is made of nine different precious or semiprecious stones (pearl, diamond, yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, emerald, ruby, red coral, , cat’s eye and hessonite). You can wear it in almost every color. It looks well with a monotone dress as it features 9 distinct coloured jewels. Grey, light purple, or peach are lighter colours that go well with the Navratan necklace. Mira Rajput Kapoor made it famous when she wore it to her wedding to Shahid Kapoor.

9. Multilayered Jadau: A multilayered jadau neckpiece is considered a prized possession in any Indian jewelry box. Often lovingly passed down through generations as heirloom jewelry, this type is a keeper. Precious gemstones such as uncut diamonds, pearls, emeralds, and rubies are embedded into gold. A Satlada or Panchlada necklace worn as a wedding guest is a popular way to up the style statement at any wedding. 

10. Meenakari: Meenakari jewelry is one of the most intricate and gorgeous types of jewelry. Meenakari necklace gives a vibrant and royal look and compliments rich fabrics like silk, chanderi, georgette, etc. 

11. Aadh Necklace: An Aadh necklace consists of a choker necklace with strings of golden triangles dangling from it, constructed of a block of gold with elaborate work on it. These necklaces are majestic, charming, and classic, and they almost completely cover the neckline. 

12. Addagai Necklace: The South’s addagai necklace is a lovely creation. Floral patterns and other elaborate decorations are adorning the basic yet stunning close-fitting necklace. The necklace is a great choice for weddings because to its modest design and light feel. Typically, a long haram can be worn with a necklace with precious stone drops or diamonds at the bottom.

13. Gulbandh: This is the classic Indian necklace style, which you’ll commonly see in TV shows. It usually has pearls dangling from the base, and diamonds are occasionally placed in it. Gulbandh is a great option if your wedding gown is already heavily embroidered and lavish. Blouses with closed, high necklines look best with this necklace. It’s also known by Princess necklace.

14. Collar Necklace: Collar Bridal Necklaces are similar to chokers, however they are worn closer to or on the collarbone. If your dress and accompanying jewellery are showy, collar necklaces are a great choice. Wear your collar necklace with a round neck low-cut blouse to show it off.

Every bridal necklace style in this list is beautiful and unique. It is essential to focus on the cut of the necklace to create a balanced look.

All that is left for you is deciding which one suits your personality. Imagine your entire look and add one of these necklaces to it. 

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