Practical Ideas To Help You Prepare For A Large Guest List

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Weddings are expensive, so it’s important to remember that the people you, or your parents, invite, will only add to the bill at the end of the day. However, sometimes a large guest list is unavoidable. You may come from a large family, and you may get stuck in that situation where your mother insists you don’t leave anybody out. You may also have a ton of friends you want to bring along to enjoy the day with you, and that’s not forgetting the family and friends on your partner’s side. So, if a large guest list is something you are expecting, here are some tips to help you keep everything under control on your wedding day.

Remember travel time

When you have a large number of people coming from all directions, there are things you need to take into account. For starters, there is the risk of people arriving late if they are unfamiliar with the area. Parking space is another issue, so people are going to have to find somewhere to place their cars if there isn’t enough space at the venue you have chosen. To get around this, you could hire minibuses to ship everybody to the destination, though that will cost money. Alternatively, provide everybody with clear directions to the venue and parking areas, to reduce the risk of anybody arriving late. To be on the safe side, plan to start the ceremony thirty minutes or so after the time you have told everybody to arrive. Better to leave people waiting than have cousin Billy and his brood stumbling sheepishly in as you are about to say your wedding vows!

Choose an appropriate venue

When it comes to the reception, you need a venue that will comfortably hold all of your guests, without breaking any health and safety rules. Choose a venue that can cater for all of your guests, such as Coral Gables who have a banquet hall that can fit up to 600 people! You should also visit the venue before the big day, to make sure their website or brochure lives up to their promises. This way, you will also get a better idea on how to seat everybody, and still leave room for the dance floor.

Keep them happy

When it comes to keeping your guests happy, it usually means keeping them fed and entertained. So when it comes to eating, don’t rely on your family to prepare the food. Use professional caterers who have experience in feeding large numbers of people, including those with specific dietary requirements. Then, when it comes to entertainment, have a look at these entertainment ideas. There is something on the list for everyone, from young and old alike. Choosing a venue with an outdoor space or alternative rooms would be ideal, as you can have something for the kids in one area, and something else for the adults in the other.


Cut down on the costs by cutting down on the guest list. Look at it like your Facebook friends list. There are bound to be people you don’t know very well, and some you don’t even like. So if your guest list becomes unmanageable, draw a line, and tell the uninvited their invites probably got ‘lost’ in the post, or invite them to a post-wedding celebration at a later date.

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    Ela -

    The number of guests at the wedding is an individual matter. Some like big weddings, where a young lady can feel like a princess, and others in this I prefer modest weddings, with her closest friends and family with whom she is in contact. Polish weddings are famous for their fun, but it is really a costly affair and requires a lot of logistics so that guests can arrive on time and provide them with a place in the hotel. Think about whether it is better to be with a handful of people you know, love and feel good so that your important day is successful and unforgettable.

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