Practical Things You Forgot To Put On Your Wedding Registry

Listing desired gifts can divert couples toward things they’ll rarely use. You’ll regret the practical things you forgot to put on your wedding registry.

Preparing a list of things you’d love to have to set up a home with your intended is a part of wedding preparation that couples enjoy doing together. Too often, though, they direct their attention toward fancy 5-piece dinner settings and accompanying silver. But these are not everyday items.

Wedding guests want to give you something nice, but also something useful. If you pull out the fancy dishes only twice a year on holidays, you end up keeping most of your wedding gifts in storage half the time. Don’t find yourself looking around your sparsely furnished new home, regretting practical things you forgot to put on your wedding registry.

It’s OK to list items that may seem mundane, but your family and guests will be relieved to find attractive stuff on your list that they recognize as useful. Here’s a list of practical things many couples forget to add to their registry.

Microwave-Safe Glass Food Storage Set

You have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to banish plastic food storage from your lives if you list a set of glass microwave-safe food storage containers on your registry. It gives your guests a chance to provide you with something practical that they know you’ll use, but you might not think to buy for yourself.

Tool Box

Tools aren’t just for fixer-uppers. Every home needs a good tool set for tasks like hanging pictures, tightening loose drawer pulls, and assembling furniture. The handy folks on your guest list will have fun looking for the right collection of screwdrivers, wrenches, box cutters, drills, hammers, and mallets for all your home repair and improvement projects to come.

A Good Set of Knives in a Block

You’d be amazed at how much you wish you had a good set of kitchen knives if youforgot to add them to your wedding registry.A fine set of knives and a wood block for storage earn a place on your kitchen counter, where you’ll find yourself reaching for them several times a day.

Vacuum Cleaner

A good vacuum cleaner can make all the difference in keeping your new love nest tidy. Go ahead and list a robotic vacuum on your registry so you can spend more time on the love and less on the nesting.

Outdoor Décor

Buying a house with a yard is a major accomplishment, especially when supply is tight and interest rates are rising. If you and your partner are lucky enough to have found and purchased a home, don’t forget the décor for the exterior. One of the first things you’ll need is a set ofattractive doormats. These can brighten your entries while helping you protect your floors from muddy shoes. Place one outside and inside each entryway in your home to minimize tracked-in dirt.

Bed Linens

If your mother bought your most recent set of sheets, you’d be amazed at how expensive they are. Practical, yes, but also a luxury item guests can feel good about giving as a wedding present. Choose gentle patterns you love or solids in colors that you know will coordinate with your bedroom’s décor.

Have fun making your registry list, but don’t forget the practical things!

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