Quarantine Hair Care – Expert Advice for Hair Care at Home

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Your salon may be closed during the quarantine, but there’s no need to panic. By taking care of your hair at home, your stylist will only need to do minimal damage control when you’re finally able to come in for an appointment. Unsure of what exactly you should be doing? Rely on this advice from the experts.

1. Conceal Your Roots

Now is not the time to learn how to dye your own hair. If your roots are showing, use an eyeshadow in the same color as your hair. To apply the eyeshadow, use a small, dense brush that has plenty of bristles. Only apply it to your parting — the rest of your roots won’t be visible, so it’s not worth touching them. Add a light coating to your hair (avoiding your scalp) and use your finger to blend the color.

Alternatively, you could always use headwear like a scarf or beanie. This is an ideal solution if you need to run a quick errand.

2. Prevent Split Ends

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Putting your hair up in a bun is great for preventing tangles, but it can lead to split ends, especially if you’re going for a messy bun. If you’re unable to get even a trim, it’s extra important to avoid split ends.

Just spending a few extra seconds to tie your hair can make the world of difference. This matters for when you take your hair down. If you put in the hair tie in a haphazard way, your hairs will be twisted and the ends may break when you pull the tie out.

The best solution of all is to use a soft hair tie, like a scrunchy. The material will keep your hair protected all day. Whatever you use, though, keep the bun reasonably loose. In addition, wait until your hair is completely dry before you tie it up — hair is at its weakest when wet.

3. Replenish Natural Oils


It’s not necessary to wash your hair every day. If you’ve been washing your hair too frequently and it’s now become dry, don’t wash it for several days. This will allow it to replenish its natural oils. You can speed up the process by treating your hair with a deep conditioner, hair oil, or hair mask.

Worried about looking unprofessional while you allow your hair to recover? The good news is that your coworkers will only see the front of your hair in video calls. Just wash that part — around your face and your bangs — and, on the screen, it will look like all your hair is completely clean.

4. Be Careful with Semi-Permanent Extensions

If you have sew-in or tape-in extensions, they may grow out at some point during the quarantine. Sew-in extensions are too difficult to remove yourself, meaning you’ll just need to leave them alone until you can get to the salon. Make sure to use a conditioner lower on your hair than normal when the extensions start to grow out.

It may be best to leave tape-ins to the professionals as well. However, with proper tape-in extension remover, you can take them out safely. Just avoid pulling your tape-in extensions, as this can hurt your scalp.

5. Stick to Professional Products Over DIY Treatments

High-quality products have everything your hair needs. Whereas foods like eggs, avocado, and coconut oil may have some benefits, you should never apply them directly to your hair. You can find products that contain small quantities of these ingredients in an amount that your hair can handle. Applying the food itself will only weigh down your hair, especially if you have fine or color-treated hair.

6. Buy Products from Reputable Sources

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If you’re doing all your shopping online during quarantine, be extra careful when you buy hair products. If you buy from a third-party seller or an unknown website, you may not receive the real thing. It’s better to contact your salon to see if they’re delivering products or go straight to company websites.

As we’re all in the same boat right now, there’s no need to feel too self-conscious. By taking the best care of your hair possible, just a single appointment with your stylist when you come out of quarantine will be enough to return your hair to its former glory.

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