Quirky Ideas To Make Your Wedding Like No Other

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It’s likely that from a young age, you’ve been dreaming about walking down the aisle in a pure white dress, long train, and feeling like a princess as you walk towards your prince. Every girl wants their wedding to be perfect, but it’s not until you plan a wedding, that you realise how much there is to think about and arrange. Aside from wanting your wedding to be perfect, you also want it to be unique and to wow everyone so that they are talking about it for years to come. But with so many unusual weddings hitting our newspapers and phone screens, it can be hard to know what to pick. Need some inspiration to help with your wedding planning? Take a look at these quirky ideas to make your wedding like no other!

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Include your furry babies

One thing about getting married is that more often than not, furry babies are left out of the picture and sent off to someone who can babysit them. Why not let them join in on all of the fun and have them walk down the aisle with you, or even make your little doggy your ring bearer? Just because they aren’t human, it doesn’t mean they should miss out on seeing their Mum and Dad tie the knot! Plus, it calls for some super cute wedding photos!

Make your invitations more personal

Ahh, the generic wedding invitation. One that’s been designed so that the bride and groom can simply write the names of each guest and post them off. It’s understandable because you’ve got 1001 other things to do, but to make your wedding that little bit more unique, why not personalise the wedding invitations for those that are close to you? Paper themes offer a wide range of designs, and you could order in bulk and then let your heart do the talking when you’re writing the invites. It will mean much more to your guests!

Allow the guests to create memories for you

While you will most definitely look forward to the pictures that your photographer captures of your wedding day, sometimes the best caught photos are those that are truly in the moment. Why not leave disposable cameras around your wedding reception and encourage your guests to create those memories for you? Once you’ve got the photos developed, you could use their individual images as a thank you card to keep the experience even more personal.

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Consider spending more on favours for your guests

Most weddings offer sweets as favours. While this is lovely and it doesn’t really matter, a little bit of imagination will make all of the difference. A favour is a token of thanks for attending your wedding, so why not create something that they can keep to forever remember your wedding by? Some gold covered plastic keys with your names on and the date you married, or even a tin of game cards that they can use at the wedding and afterwards too!

Have someone you know perform the ceremony

A fantastic way to make the ceremony more intimate and personal is by having someone you know perform the ceremony. This could be the friend that got you together, or even a brother or sister that you hold so dearly. Either way, having someone that you know will make the experience so much more memorable!

Add comedy to the day!

Your wedding day is the happiest day of your life, so why not make it the most fun too? Throw comedy into your day wherever you can for both you and your guests to enjoy. Things like funny photos with your photographer, or even having your bridesmaids sign the soles of your shoes, and then whoever’s name is left after the ceremony must make a speech. Little quirks like that will make a massive difference to your big day.

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Do something cute for the kids

Kids are just the cutest things when it comes to weddings. Little boys in tuxes and girls in beautiful white flower dresses – how cute?! Why not do something cute for the children involved in your wedding by making them feel special to your day. For example, if your ring bearer is your son or nephew, create a special t-shirt for him so that he feels important.

Let your guests get to know you more

It’s likely that your guests know at least one of you quite well, but for distant relatives and plus ones you’ve never met, why not create something that will allow your guests to get to know you more. Things like plaques with odd and random information about yourselves on the tables, or even a video to play with clips of all of your moments together that you’ve captured. Another fantastic way of making your wedding even more personal and unique.

Create an instagram hashtag for your wedding day

Your guests are bound to take their own photos on their phones or cameras, and these days, it’s also likely that those photos will end up on instagram for the world to see. Why not create your own hashtag so that guests can use it and also view other photos that were taken from other guests that day? Just be ready to have a ton of tags from your guests, so make sure you’re smiling!

Take sentimental photos

Finally, your photographer will go through with you what kind of service they can offer for your wedding day, but why not take some ideas to the table about some of the pictures you’d like them to capture? Things like your hands together with your rings in shot after you’ve married, or even pictures of your rings on a newspaper of the day you’re marrying. Little sentimental pictures like these will mean the world to you for many years to come!


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