Rekindle the Passion in Your Relationship Using Kinks & Fetishes

A few years ago, you were the wild one. You and your partner could make love for hours, and with each love-making session, the feeling was renewed. Different styles, different places; it was heavenly. You felt alive, and you could feel the passion burning between you and your spouse.

Fast forward to the present. Now you even find it hard to think about sex. Or is it the other way round? Maybe your lover doesn’t give you the kind of attention they used to. And when bedtime comes, it’s either a 2-minute round, or you both drift off to dreamland without so much as a French kiss.

The sexual attraction is dying, if not already dead. It’s mostly because your sex life with your partner has become too stale – the same styles over and over again – that it has become boring. It’s nothing your spouse looks forward to anymore like they once did. Even when you eventually have sex these days after weeks of abstinence, you don’t feel the passion. You both have lost the passion in your relationship, and it’s time to bring it back.

Fun Ways to Rekindle Your Sexual Energy and Make Your Relationship As Exciting As It Once Was

Anything that is repeated for too long gets boring, and that’s what has happened to your sex life. And the best way to counter this is to reverse the process. Spice things up in the bedroom by suggesting some kinky fetishes, something out of the ordinary, something neither you nor your partner had ever done. Ok, a kink or fetish is an unconventional sexual taste or behavior.

You could ask your lover about their deepest fantasies. But never get discouraged when they say nothing. Suggest some kinks, no matter how wild it may seem, and it just may be the trigger for your lover.

Kinks can vary from person to person, and that’s obviously because everyone is different. Your lover may be into impact play, such as spanking, whipping, and flogging. Or they may be the type who gets turned on when urinated upon. If that’s the case, you can get a wet sex simulator such as a real whizzinator xxx. A whizzinator is a urinating device that looks and feels just like a real flaccid penis. And with it, you can pass synthetic urine, a fluid with the same color and smell as real urine, to get your lover going wild.

Other fun kinky acts to spice things up in the bedroom include:

  • Mutual masturbation
  • Voyeurism
  • Foot fetish
  • Breathplay

Or if you both agree, you and your spouse can take things a bit further by trying:

  • Domination/submission – If either of you gets turned on when pain is inflicted on them by the other partner.
  • Humiliation – For women who get aroused when they’re called degrading names
  • Cuckolding – Watching your partner having sex with another, possibly a stranger or even a friend.

You Can Keep things Simple but Still Fetish Enough

When it comes to rekindling or spicing up your sex life, you really don’t have to take things too far. A fetish as mild as mutual masturbation or using a whizzinator may serve to restore the long-lost passion.

Nonetheless, as bizarre as these kinks may seem, that is where they derive their effects from. The unconventionality of the acts is a turn-on for some people, and you may be lucky – it might just be what your partner needs to get their juices flowing again.

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