Repurpose wedding flowers and tips for your wedding

repurpose wedding flowers

Flowers brighten up your wedding party! They largely determine the styling and effortlessly connect the different parts of your big day. We will walk with you through this wonderful world of scents and colors with five tips for perfect wedding decoration with flowers and ideas to repurpose wedding flowers.

  1. Create a vision board

    A golden tip that will help you determine your wedding styling: start with a vision board. This idea board concretely demonstrates the dream scenario you have in mind and suggests a clear style and color pattern. Flowers appear throughout your most beautiful day: in your bouquet as a bride, your groom’s corsage, in the hands of your bridesmaids, in the petals that are scattered in front of your feet, on the decorated chairs during the ceremony or in the large centerpieces and decorations in the halls and on the tables.

“When you collaborate with the right wedding florist, your style is easily reflected in your entire floral decoration.”

  1. Ask the expert

    A vision board gives your florist the necessary inspiration to coordinate the wedding decoration with flowers. Look for a good floral stylist who takes the time to listen to your story and looks at your mood board carefully. This professional can advise you on colors, styles and types of flowers that are available in the season in which you want to get married.

Every wedding story requires its own scenario that your florist knows how to fill in with beautiful creations. If you consult closely with an experienced florist and communicate your wishes clearly, the florist can select the most suitable flowers that seamlessly match your taste and style.

repurpose wedding flowers

  1. Provide enough water

    We sometimes forget, but to shine throughout the wedding day, flowers need enough water. Of course, you want your wedding decorations to still look flawless during the evening party. So be kind to your flowers and always check whether they still have enough water – especially when there is a lot of sun or heat.
  1. Think about your eye-catcher

    Today couples pay a lot of attention to the unique eye-catcher that defines their party. Nowadays florists make the most beautiful wedding decorations with flowers for bridal couples. We often see flower walls, flower ceilings and classically symmetrical or trendy asymmetrical constructions that fantastically dress up or characterize a wedding party. So look for your striking eye-catcher that fits perfectly with the style or theme of your wedding party.

Choosing an eye-catcher can also help you with a tight budget. Choose one large piece that will really stand out during your ceremony. Later you can reuse that eye-catcher as a backdrop for beautiful photos of your guests.

  1. Keep your flowers repurpose wedding flowers

    It’s a shame to see the beautiful bouquets and decorations from your ceremony go to waste in a short time. Although it is not suitable for all flower arrangements, you can discuss with your florist which creations you can reuse. For example, have you ordered beautiful, large flower arrangements that will stand next to you when you say yes? Then take it with you to the party room a little later to decorate the buffet or put your guestbook in the spotlight.
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