Rising Cocktail Trends To Look Out for in 2023

cocktail trends

Upgrade the bar menu at your wedding with some rising cocktail trends. Discover how to make your cocktails fancier and more enjoyable on your big day.

While they love celebrating the newlyweds, many wedding guests also look forward to the food and beverages at the celebration. They are a key proponent of the wedding planning checklist. Whether you choose an all-you-can-eat buffet and an open bar or pre-selected three-course meals with a selection of drink accompaniments, no celebration is complete without some snacks and drinks.

If you’re looking to serve some fun and fancy beverage mixes, check out these rising cocktail trends for 2023 and enhance your guests’ dining experience.

Fruit and Vegetable Infusions

The perfect cocktail serves picture-worthy looks and delicious tastes. Adding fruit and vegetables to your drinks achieves both. No matter how you add fruit and veg into the mix—infused liqueurs, syrups, or garnishes—implementing some produce into your concoctions adds extra flavor. They give you fruity sweetness, citrusy tanginess, and savory suggestions.

One of the most popular and easy margarita recipes everyone loves that adds in a vegetable or fruit (depending on how you categorize peppers) is a spicy jalapeno margarita. It gives the traditional margarita a special kick. Plopping in some edible florals or sliced fruits is also a popular way to implement some produce into your drinks. Plus, they look pretty.

cocktail trends
Cocktail trends

Mocktail Renditions of Classics

Mocktails and low-alcohol mixes gain more popularity each year, especially as sobriety rises. Adding them as offered drink selections at your wedding makes your bar more inclusive for all to enjoy. It gives non-alcohol drinkers a fancy refreshment to relish and allows people to pace themselves better without feeling left out.

Almost all the classics come in a mocktail rendition. Although water, punch, and sodas satisfy many non-alcohol drinkers, mocktails look and taste more elegant, enhancing the drinking and party experience.

Ready-To-Drink Cocktails

RTDs, ready-to-drink cocktails, are all the rage for those who want to savor a mixed drink without spending money or time making it. RTDs are, well, ready to go. They are premixed and easy to enjoy. All that your bartender needs to do is serve as is or pour them into a glass and garnish.

RTD cocktails are a great way to save money if you’re planning a micro-wedding. They also come in handy for minimizing the time spent looking for different ingredients to stock your bar.

Extra Embellishments

TikTok and other social media platforms provide the general public with inspiration and DIYs, including cocktail crafts. Many people embellish their drinks with shaped ice and other extra embellishments, from colorful sugar or salt rims, to make their drinks look social-media-worthy. The more decor you add, especially the edible kind, the better.

There are many rising cocktail trends to look out for in 2023, from fruit and vegetable-infused mixes to decorative drinks and mocktails. Enhancing your bar’s menu with some of these trends gives an added specialty to the celebrations.

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