Robert and Penelopes Perfect Elopement In Villa Cimbrone Ravello

So the technical term for eloping is ‘running’ away, but in weddings, it is not as exaggerated, at least not for two love birds, Robert and Penelope.

The American couple escaped the pressure and stress of wedding planning and opted for an elopement which saw them choose Italy – it was going to be a beautiful destination wedding. Why go through the stress of elaborate wedding planning when you could take the hands of the one you love and run away together, to get hitched. That’s just what these two did.

Eloping is becoming more and more common as many couples choose to run off to get married without telling anyone or quickly getting married at the courthouse. Whilst most people may make it seem like having a full-blown wedding is the only way to get married, eloping is the choice for the couple who just want to to get on with married without all the hassle, and this uncommon practice is not seen as taboo these days, like it once was. In fact, like Robert and Penelope, couples even choose romantic places or beautiful destinations to elope to. In the case of Robert and Penelope, they chose one of the most romantic places in the world, Ravello.

The sweet couple said after numerous Google searches, they came across Pasquale Mestizia Photography and instantly knew that I was going to be their photographer for their big day. I was very humbled when they contacted me via my website and told me that they were very impressed with my style of photography and immediately hired me for the job.

I’ve been photographing wedding for as long as I can remember, it wasn’t hard to tell that Robert and Penelope were a very special couple. They were in love, and being in a place as special and romantic as Ravello was very important to them, to celebrate their love. I feel very lucky to have been chosen to be a part of their elopement, it was an honour .

Even though they’re not locals, some how they did their homework and chose one of the most beautiful locations in the Amalfi coast known as Ravello. If you’ve never been to Ravello, in a few words, it is the hidden treasure of the Amalfi Coast. Upon arriving in the beautiful resort town, you’ll quickly notice the iconic cliffside gardens and the 13th-century, Moorish-style Villa Rufolo that offers far-reaching views from its terraced gardens. The gardens is also host to indoor and outdoor concerts such as the Ravello Festival which takes place in the summertime.

Ravello is known as the Amalfi coast’s most peaceful and charming resort. You could say it’s a glamorous place but, with an air that welcomes everyone to come be a part of the culture. It’s no wonder Pierce Brosnan, Greta Garbo and Jacqueline Kennedy chose to holiday here. It’s also the ideal place for an elopement, if you like a natural and effortlessly romantic setting.

The beautiful resort town provided the perfect backdrop for Robert and Penelope’s wedding. Miles of sea, mist, white cliffs and beautiful blue skies made the outdoor photographs look stunning. The bride, looking ravishing next to her groom wore a white fitted halterneck wedding dress, paired with gold slippers that were adorned with the pretty bows. The groom also looked dapper in a tailored suit. He chose to pair his suit with brown stained loafers, in true Italian style. The two were a stylish couple and my camera lenses loved them.

We had fun shooting in the gardens of Villa Cimbrone and took great advantage of the landscape and the priceless Roman architecture, both inside and outside the buildings. After all, it’s not everyday that all 4 of us combined get the opportunity to enjoy such a beautiful moment in Villa Cimbrone, the medieval-style estate perched on a steep outcrop that is surrounded by one celebrated garden after another.

Every photo captured saw the bride and groom look like something from a story book. Some of the fairytale-like shots captured in the gardens of the beautiful Villa Cimbrone is one I think the couple will look back on very fondly, for many years to come.

After Robert and Penelope exchanged their vows in Villa, it was followed by a romantic dinner to celebrate their new married status. It was so beautiful and everything and elopement is made of. And what makes this couple’s even more romantic is that they chose a destination wedding which could easily double as their honeymoon.

If you’re considering an elopement in Ravello, and require a wedding photographer in Italy, we at Pasquale Mestizia Photography can help. We offer great wedding photography packages to suit every couple. And if you are not sure about your wedding photography style, we would be glad to show walk you through various styles, or tailor our services to suit your special day.

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