Rodney Bailey Wedding photographer in Washington DC

Your wedding photographer is present most of the day.  The choice of the right wedding photographer is therefore extremely important. Even if your wedding is organized to perfection a photographer that can improvise and is experienced will reassure you that the best moments are captured.

Wedding photographers in Washington DC

When you are looking for experienced wedding photographers in Washington DC Rodney Bailey is one of the best ones out there. His style is all about capturing moments as they happen, not just a posed picture. He was voted best wedding photographer in Washington DC several times. Rodey will capture full coverage of your wedding and amaze you with his photographs!

Forget the camera

If you prefer your images to look as natural and authentic as possible try to forget the camera. It is beautiful when you can really show your emotions, instead of “posing” for a picture every time you see the photographer. So forget about the photographer during the wedding and focus on one of the most exciting days of your life!

Backdrops and lighting

If beautiful photos are really important on your wedding day to make sure you have some shade and light spots so the photographer can play with different light situations. Your wedding location can be a great backdrop and outside in nature as well.

Behind the scenes

It is great to have some behind the scene pictures when you are still preparing and the bride and groom are getting dressed separately. Your partner won’t be there to see this part so it’s nice to see images like this afterward.

Need more inspiration? Head over to Rodney Bailey’s blog for wedding tips, venues and expert advice from wedding professionals in Washington DC.

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