Romantic summer Date Ideas in Derbyshire

romantic summer

There’s so much more you can do with your date than going to a bar or restaurant. Spring and summer gives you the opportunity to do a variety of activities with Derbyshire singles that you cannot do at any other time of the year. What better way to get to know each other in a fun outdoors romantic environment. If you need some original romantic summer date ideas in Derbyshire read on.

Romantic summer picnic

Is there anything more romantic than sharing a meal? Dating in Derbyshire relaxing lying in the grass in the open air? It does not have to be a huge meal. You can just bring little snacks and a picnic basket with some bread and wine. With a real picnic basket you can create a romantic atmosphere. Choose a location in Derbyshire that is not too crowded.

Derbyshire Rivers

Derbyshire is known for its rivers and being in nature can give a sense of tranquility and romance. Plan a late night date down the river and watch the stars together and see the moon sparkling in the water. Don’t forget to bring a sweater in case it gets cold in the night.

Boat tour

If you own a boat this is perfect otherwise you can rent a small boat in Derbyshire and have a memorable day with great weather. A fun way to get to know each other and get a bit romantic. Don’t forget to take some pictures on the boat and bring some food and drinks.

Wine tasting

Wine and sun with your Derbyshire date sounds like the perfect combination right? It’s a great way to get to know each other and your favorite wines. If you don’t know anything about wines, even better you will learn to appreciate the different types of wine while enjoying the time with your date. What better way to start a romantic summer.

Dinner & film

If you prefer a traditional dinner combine it with a movie that you can enjoy watching together. Don’t go to a movie you would watch with your friends choose a movie you both enjoy. An intriguing story or thriller for example and talk about the movie afterwards.

Open air Concert

Find your date on a free online dating site and invite your date to an open air concert. During the summer an open air concert is a great option. Especially if you both enjoy the same type of music. So make sure you ask upfront what music your dates like choosing a performer you both enjoy is a must for this type of date.

Flea or antique market

Derbyshire dating can be fun in the summer. During the summer there are many local flea markets. Take a look at the online agenda in Derbyshire and discover a market in your area. If your date is crazy about food  its better to go to a food market or farmers market instead.


Swimming with your date can be fun! If you find it a bit too much to go swimming on a first date than do this on a second date or invite your friends so you can go with a group. He can take his friends and you can take yours. Fun guaranteed!

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