Shapewear under your wedding dress best tips

How to make your silhouette look even better in your wedding dress? By wearing the right shapewear! But which shapewear is best to wear under which wedding dress? We tell you!

Shapewear under your wedding dress is perfect if you want to make your body look a little more beautiful in your wedding dress. It is of course not necessary, because beauty comes in all sizes! And no, shapewear doesn’t have to be boring, because nowadays you have a lot of items in beautiful colors and fabrics! Curious which shapewear you can wear under your wedding dress? We tell you!

Different types of shapewear for under your wedding dress

Best shapewear for women under your wedding dress is available in all shapes and sizes. You have corrective bodies, slips, bottoms, but you can also go for a somewhat ‘extreme’ variant, such as special waist shapers and ultimate push up bras as bridal lingerie. But remember: don’t overdo it, because you are beautiful just the way you are! Also handy: do you have a wedding dress with an open back in mind? Then you can even opt for a shape bra with a bare back. A handy solution for not having to be braless and it offers more support than, for example, nipple stickers. Do you want to know which shapewear suits you best? Read on quick!

First decide what you want to correct

There is a certain type of shapewear for every type of figure. So first determine what you want corrected – so what your area of ​​interest is – before you actually purchase your shapewear. With the right variant, you can make your belly appear a little flatter, your breasts are a little less prominent or your thighs look a little slimmer.

Which shapewear suits you?

What will be the best body shaper bodysuit for you depends entirely on your figure. Of course you have already looked at which wedding dress best suits your figure, but also with shapewear this is a step in the wedding process that you should not skip! Our advice: get advice from the saleswomen of the bridal fashion store or in a lingerie store, because they know exactly which form of shapewear under your wedding dress emphasizes your best features.


The corset is intended to accentuate the waist and bust and is often made of a stiff, hard fabric that is usually crocheted closed at the back or laced with a lace. It fits tight around your waist, so it’s not always comfortable. Tip: don’t skip this one! After all, you still want to be able to dance and breathe at your wedding, right?!


A bustier is a combination of a bra and a corset. This bra has a longer bodice than a regular bra, but is also shorter than a corset because it comes just to your ribs or waist. This ensures that your waist is emphasized.

Shapewear dress

Are you completely in love with a mermaid or fishtail wedding dress? Then a corrective dress fits well with this! It makes your body tight to far below your buttocks and you don’t see underwear lines under a tighter wedding dress! Sounds good to me!

Corrective skirt

Do you only want to correct your buttocks in your wedding dress? Then go for a shaping skirt. This way your buttocks and thighs look a bit slimmer, but you can still go to the toilet in your wedding dress! Ideal when you go for a mermaid or fit and flare wedding dress!

Sexy shapewear

In the past, shapewear was always ‘smooth’, because you are of course not allowed to see or feel the shapewear under your wedding dress. Fortunately, nowadays there are more and more nice types of shapewear in which structures are woven. In addition, it is always made of such fabrics (for example thin, breathable Lycra) so that you hardly notice that you are wearing it. This way you still get the effect of a sexy set, but it feels like you actually have nothing on under your wedding dress.

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