Shein wedding dresses a good idea or disaster?

Shein wedding dresses

Something amazing is waiting for you, you are getting married! And of course that includes a wedding dress. When buying wedding dresses, you probably think of visiting countless stores, measuring and fitting in the store all day looking for the dress and then waiting weeks for it to be custom made. That can be much easier (and cheaper)? Shein offers various wedding dresses in different models and sizes. But buying a wedding dress online is slightly different than in the store. That is why we are happy to explain step by step what you should take into account when buying a wedding dress online.

Organizing your wedding involves a lot of expense and why spend more than absolutely necessary? There are plenty of ways to save on your wedding and your wedding dress is one of them. Finding a cheap wedding dress online is not that difficult anymore. The average bride spends around 1800 dollars for her wedding dress, but with the growth of online shops that also offer wedding dresses, you can also find an affordable wedding dress for a few hundred euros.

Of course you have plenty of websites that offer cheap copies of well-known designers, but nine times out of ten you get a dress that barely resembles the original and then you are sometimes without a wedding dress a few weeks before your wedding day!

Why buy wedding dresses through Shein?

One of the biggest advantages of buying a wedding dress online is that you can find cheap wedding dresses online, saving you hundreds of Dollars on your wedding budget! You don’t have to deal with the extra services of a bridal shop, so you only pay for the dress itself. Buying a cheap wedding dress on therefore actually means the same appearance and quality for a cheaper price. There is plenty of choice when it comes to wedding dresses for a small budget. Moreover, you can of course use the money you save for accessories.

Do you want to get married but not in a wedding dress? Then The Beautiful Bride Shop also has enough beautiful things in its range. For example, have you already looked at our Mix and Match range? These are super beautiful sets that are perfect as a wedding dress woman but not a dress. The fact that these sets are ‘not real wedding dresses’ might be exactly what you’re looking for.

If you are short on time, ordering a wedding dress online is also the perfect solution. At The Beautiful Bride Shop, wedding dresses are often immediately available and you do not have to wait months for your dress to be ordered and delivered. Ordering and having your wedding dress altered yourself could save you weeks compared to the delivery time of a physical bridal shop, you are now ready to walk to the altar in no time. Read on to find out which wedding dress best suits your figure, how to measure your size and what to keep in mind when having your wedding dress altered.

Frequently asked questions about ordering Shein wedding dresses online

Shein wedding dresses online

Where can I buy a wedding dress online?

Shein wedding dresses offers wedding dresses in different styles and sizes and are immediately available. So order your wedding dress today!

How do I know which wedding dress suits me?

We understand that it is difficult to choose the wedding dress when there is such a large selection. Check out the wedding dress guide page to find out which dress best suits your body shape.

What do I wear under my wedding dress?

The right bridal lingerie is crucial to make your wedding dress look its best. Of course you don’t want your underwear to be visible or that your shapes are not nicely accentuated. We also recommend wearing a petticoat so that your legs have more room to move and to create more volume in your dress. Not every kind of bridal lingerie or petticoat is suitable for every wedding dress, so view our advice to find out which bridal lingerie goes with which wedding dress and how best to choose a petticoat for under your wedding dress.

How do I know what my size is?

We advise you to measure your size manually so that you are sure that you order the wedding dress in the right size. Our extensive size chart explains step by step how you can best measure yourself.

What if my dress doesn’t fit properly?

We advise you to order a larger size when in doubt, because you can still have a larger size. You can have your wedding dress altered at a local dressmaker/seamstress near you.

If your wedding dress / product does not fit at all, you can always exchange your wedding dress / product for free!

What if my wedding dress isn’t right after I’ve changed it?

How annoying that your wedding dress is not yet good after entertaining. We advise you to discuss this with your seamstress so that you can look for a solution together.

Did you know a California bride went viral when wearing a Shein wedding dress? What do you think of Shein wedding dresses? Leave a comment below!

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