Should You Wear a Matte or Dewy Foundation for Your Wedding?

The makeup for your wedding day is unlike any other! As you plan the final look, you need to know if you should wear a matte or dewy foundation.

When applying everyday makeup, if it doesn’t look perfect, it’s not the end of the world. However, that’s not how most brides feel about their makeup on their wedding day. You want to experiment with the products to form the perfect final look.

First, you need to start with the base: the foundation. There are two primary types of foundation to choose from, but which is right for you? Find out if you should wear a matte or dewy foundation for your wedding.

Matte Foundation for Oily Skin

On an average day, you find yourself using oil-blotting wipes to get rid of the excess oil on the skin. When it comes to your wedding day, you don’t want to worry about looking too shiny or greasy. A matte foundation will minimize the naturally oily properties of your skin.

Oily skin isn’t a bad thing! It simply means that your skin produces more natural oils that hydrate the skin. The thicker, full-coverage product blurs pores and tones down oily areas of the face.

However, don’t worry about your skin looking dull. Foundation isn’t the only product you’ll wear on your wedding day. You’ll create a radiant look with highlighter on the cheekbones, gorgeous blush on the cheeks, and elegant eye shadow.

matte or dewy foundation

Dewy Foundation for Dry Skin

Individuals with dry skin struggle to keep their faces hydrated. The face lacks natural oils and can create a dull, flaky appearance. In this case, you need a foundation that supplies a bright finish.

The lightweight, buildable qualities of dewy foundation make it more desirable for brides who have dry patches and fine lines. You may also notice that some of these products include hydrating skin-care ingredients like hyaluronic acid or niacinamide.

Even if you have dry skin, you most likely struggle with oily skin in the T-zone. After applying a dewy foundation, you may notice those areas are shinier than you would prefer. That’s where setting powder will come in handy!

Lock in those extra-luminous areas with setting powder. It will provide a muted finish in the areas that are naturally shiny without taking the dewy finish from the rest of the face.

Communicate With Your Makeup Artist

Makeup artists have a range of clients with different skin types, skin tones, and preferences for their wedding day. While they have an idea of how your makeup will look, it’s up to you to fully communicate your preferences.

Let the artist know about skin products you like, the type of foundation you need, and the final look you’re going for. There are many different types of glam makeup looks to consider for your bridal look. Once you know if you should wear a matte or dewy foundation for your wedding day, you can further discuss the rest of the look with your amazing makeup artist.

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