Silent Disco… a precious ally for your wedding in Italy

silent disco

Italian gardens, castles, historic villas and luxury palaces are perfect for a classic and romantic wedding.  Nowadays the destination wedding market offers a wide range of solutions. However, in some suggestive and interesting locations, some limitations concerning musical entertainment, in terms of volume and the permissible hours, could occur. The silent disco, performed by a professional wedding DJ, can be the solution.

From the north to south of Italy it is possible to find places of rare beauty to make the big day truly special: the lake district, with its wonderful landscapes and the picturesque villages along the shores (Bellagio on Como lake, Limone on Garda lake and many others); the Tuscany countryside with its shabby chic and romantic ambience; the Amalfi coast in the South of Italy, with its pearl, Positano, and its suggestive views over the sea.

Alongside these very popular destinations, there are other equally interesting ones that are increasingly meeting the desires of spouses-to-be. For example, some fascinating wine cellars offer the opportunity of “a sensorial wedding” in which a historic location, enogastronomy and nature blend in a perfect mix. And ever more destination wedding planners offer the opportunity of tying the knot directly on one of the wonderful Italian beaches.

The proposals and the opportunities seem destined to increase  in the coming years, with more and more solutions of differing styles and typologies. But a greater choice in terms of locations may entail some limitations with regard to musical entertainment.

Take the luxury palace hotels in Venice. The charm and the magic atmosphere of these places steeped in history is truly unique, but often, music is allowed only until 11:00 pm or 12:00 pm. The same limitation applies to most locations sited in the historical centres of Italian cities.

In these cases a perfect ally can be the silent disco: thanks to wireless headphones you can dance all night, in locations that would be otherwise off-limits.

Born in England,  the silent disco is an increasing trend in Italy, and not only for big popular events or festivals, but also for private parties.

The experts of ProfessionalWeddingDJ in Italy think that the silent disco wedding should be an indispensable option in a destination wedding project, because it allows to choose the perfect location without having to give up entertainment. And we must also consider that the silent disco headphones that we offer are illuminated and become themselves an important decorative element.

Finally it is important to underline that with the right instrumentation and the management of a professional DJ, the sound quality is every bit as good as a “classic” sound system.

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