Simple tips for the bride and groom for a dream wedding

wedding day

You will agree on this one, one of most important dates in your lives is your wedding day. You are excited and nervous. After all, you will say yes to the one you love. This is why it is so important to have even the slightest details thought out and arranged. Here are 5 tips on how to make your special day even more memorable.

  1. Get creative and set a wedding theme

Having a wedding theme won’t hurt anyone. This can be simple as picking three dominant colors for the decorations, to nature inspired, outdoor wedding. Think about what makes you unique as a couple. You love music? Decorate with vinyl here and there! You both like exotic places? Set up some beach motives and get your guests some exotic fruit!

  1. Take the time to set the stage

When talking about wedding photos, the importance of ambiance is huge. While you will have a lot of random photos from your special day, it would be cool to set up a stage or few just for taking photos, so to speak. This can be a green arch, a decorated wall or greenhouse, ideas are limitless. This will be you posing stage, and you will feel like a Hollywood stars getting married.

  1. Go both digital and analog

Analog is unique. In order to have the all the best moments captured, pay attention to who takes the photos. One of the best ways to memorize your special day is by hiring an analog photographer. Digital photography is great, but what makes this special is that vintage romantic feeling you get. Take the time to find the best possible photographer and make sure they have a nice portfolio. You can have Instant Polaroid photos as well, and then make them available to the guest right away. How cool would that be? These, just as digital ones, can be transferred later to your wedding photo sharing media.

  1. Posing ideas? Get inspired on the internet

You, dear brides and grooms, will be the center of attention. There are plenty of ideas available on the internet which might come handy. Look for few posing ideas you would like your photographer to capture, so they can prepare for such an adventure.

  1. Let your guests share

Since most of your guests are gonna take some photos and some of these might not be available to you, the best way to have all of these memories is allowing all your guests to share photos from your wedding. One of the best ways to do that is simply buy giving them a nicely wrapped guest code for an access to Wedding Photo Swap website. Here you and all of your guests can share photos from your special day, so every moment of your wedding is memorized.

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