Smart home improvements and interior ideas for your dream home

dream home

Magic wands are real only in Harry Potter movies and yes we do not all have huge budgets. However, ladies and gentlemen, does that mean we can’t live in a dream home? The answer is simple, you definitely can have a dream home without investing too much money. Even if some solutions do demand more of a budget, some of those are really worth investing. The solutions presented to your majesty in next few rows can really transform your home, so have fun and daydream about better home with two amazing solutions.

  1. Glass roofs are the new number one home design solutions

Imagine living under the sky, and having your morning coffee in a cozy couch, looking at summer clouds. With glass roofs, not only you will have an amazing view, but also a lot of daylight, you’d feel like you are actually not living in a house, but under the sky. Or even better, in your own private mansion with luxurious elements such is glass roof. And the good thing is, there are so many options you can choose from, from flat roof shapes to more geometrical solutions. The choice is yours, but you sure will improve your home. How cool is that?

  1. Trade roof lanterns

For those who would like to keep their roofs solid and no-transparent, well, at least not completely, here is a solution that might just meet your needs. Light and white color are synonym for luxuriously designed interiors. That is why the smart little home improvement invention called trade roof lanterns it can make your interior shine better than ever.

  1. Brick walls

We are not talking about brick exteriors. It is time to bring bricks inside your home too. Who says bricks can be used for exteriors only? Black or white bricks applied as wall solutions in living room interiors, or even kitchen and bedroom, can go long way. Off course, the trick is to have only one to two brick walls in a room, to create the stylish interior-design-magazine look.

  1. Industrial stairs

One of the best ways to improve your home is by changing the stairs. Yes, the stairs can actually make a huge difference and in 2018, the industrious style kicks in as one of the leading interior design styles. A mixture of glass, wood and metal can make your interior look expensive and modernize it.

  1. Recycle, mix and match

If you are on a tight budget use antique or second-hand furniture. If you feel it doesn’t fit in your current interior style get creative and recycle it into another piece of furniture that you like. Use old fabrics and materials to coat your furniture. Or use a bit of paint to give it new life. Not every piece of furniture needs to be brand new. And you can mix and match to keep your interior fun and exciting!


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